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Metroid Dread producer hopes a Metroid movie will be a reality someday

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread has been a triumphant return to form for the Metroid franchise after Metroid: Other M and Metroid Federation Force. The producer behind Metroid Dread, Yoshio Sakamoto, has taken part in an interview with technology publication CNET where he was asked a number of questions about the Metroid series. The site put to him that as we are going to see the Super Mario Movie debut in December next year, a Metroid movie will be very interesting to see from Nintendo. Mr. Sakamoto said that it certainly would be, and that he personally hopes it becomes a reality someday.

CNET: Speaking of the recent Super Mario movie announcement, a Metroid movie would be interesting. I have no idea who’d be cast as Samus.

Sakamoto: So that is something very interesting. Personally, I hope that it does become a reality someday.


17 thoughts on “Metroid Dread producer hopes a Metroid movie will be a reality someday”

    1. The franchise centered on isolation in an inhuman place does not strike me as good movie material. Either they completely rewrite the concept, or the movie has Samus largely alone in a dark space for an hour and a half.

  1. As much as I’d love a Metroid movie, it worries me what Hollywood would do with Samus’ character.
    I don’t want her turned into a poorly written Mary Sue to fulfill some moron’s political agenda, like so many other female protagonists are these days.

      1. +Bryan Mo
        By that logic any female character you play as in a video game is by definition a Mary Sue.
        Of course Samus always wins, it’s you playing the game. I guess you also consider Lara Croft, Tifa Lockhart, Terra Branford, Chun-Li, and Aloy as Mary Sues as well.

      2. Actually, I’d say it’s you who doesn’t seem to understand what a “Mary Sue” is.
        It’s a character who achieves all their goals effortlessly, is always in the right and wins all their fights without breaking a sweat.

        This does not apply to Samus.
        She’s come very close to death on numerous occasions, made a major mistake committing genocide on SR888 which led to the rise of the extremely dangerous X Parasites, and more recently gets absolutely destroyed by Raven Beak and the E.M.M.I’s in Dread.

        It’s literally made clear that Raven Beak is superior to her in every single way, she only won due to the chance awakening of her Metroid DNA. Not by her own skill.
        Just because she’s a strong, respected character in her universe does not make her a Mary Sue, they are not the same thing.

        Kindly enlighten yourself on the meaning in future, before throwing out anymore baseless accusations.

  2. All Nintendo has to do is hire someone who wants to be in a space movie with no precesnce. Samus already doesn’t take off her helmet. The times she does is at the end of the games. So, if someone has a bad rap saying that they felt like they weren’t present I’m the film, then tough luck. Samus has always been a silent protagonist, aside from Other M, and I think the public would react negatively if that was the first film. If anything, she should have small monologs of her surroundings, but nothing else. To give you the intensity of the habitual and harsh environments she’s going through. Let’s also not forget all the cool backflips, front flips, side flips, rolling and shooting the movie will already have due to the characters nature, we would need someone athletic and flexible to be able to pull off a (My opinion) godly character.

    There was that one actress that wanted to be Samus a couple years back. I think if you want to be a Samus actress, you shouldn’t push Nintendo’s buttons like that, but hey, no one likes to listen to the public anyways. Plus, I’d feel like she’d make it a HUMONGOUS deal that she’s in a “Nintendo” film, not a Metroid film. That’s enough of that, though.

    Point being, I just want a good Metroid film, not a lukewarm, half-***ed take that looked like minimal effort was put into. Metroid is a big deal and it barely gets any attention. MAKE THE RIGHT DESSICION NINTENDO.

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