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Bandai Namco is hiring a brand manager for Little Nightmares, considers the franchise to be a “headline IP”

little nightmares

The sequel to the puzzle-platforming horror game Little Nightmares released earlier this year, with developer Tarsier Studios announcing back in February that they’ve finished with the series and are moving on to other projects, following their acquisition by Embracer Group. Bandai Namco, publisher and owner of the Little Nightmares IP, left the door open however, by saying that they still “feel energized to deliver more content in the future.” This left many fans wondering if the series could eventually be handed over to a new developer for more entries and/or spin-offs.

This leads us to now, where a job post from Bandai Namco was discovered on Linkedin, showing that the publisher is in search of hiring a Worldwide Brand Manager for Little Nightmares, which they call a “headline IP” for the company. Whoever is hired for the position will directly work on the franchise “in all of its incarnations,” including games, merch, and transmedia.

“You are in charge of defining and carrying out the brand identity of this license to continue to increase its successful 7 million units sold to date,” the listing reads.

Fans of the Little Nightmares series can sleep soundly tonight knowing that there is still some sort of a future for the kid in the yellow raincoat and her nightmarish adventures… we just have to wait and see exactly what that future will look like.

Little Nightmares 1 & 2 are available now for all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

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