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Sonic will be at The Game Awards 2021, suggesting Sonic Frontiers could be revealed


Sonic Frontiers, which is presumed to be the next mainline game in the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog series, could be unveiled at this month’s The Game Awards. The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has tweeted Geoff Keighley who hosts The Game Awards asking for an invite to the event which takes place on Thursday and then the Sonic account said “Following you now because you were cool enough to hook us up with an extra invite.”

17 thoughts on “Sonic will be at The Game Awards 2021, suggesting Sonic Frontiers could be revealed”

  1. Watch as I now proceed to start a brand new debate about the quality in Sonic games. Sonic was and always will be-

  2. One of my buddies will alert me when something Sonic-related comes up, as I loathe the game awards for several reasons and don’t wanna sit through and watch the whole thing.

  3. At this point I can’t even trust Sega to port the gamecube sonic games proper. They could be bugged and glitchy like the gta ports or locked behind cloud or online subscription like kingdom hearts or Banjo Kazooie. One of the good things about sonic forces is that I could make imitations of jet the hawk and blaze the cat. I’ll never sell my copies of sonic boom on the 3ds or even generations or transformed racing.

    1. It was made by Tyson Hesse (the artist who is known for his contributions to the Sonic franchise) who was responible for the redesign in the first movie.

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