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Zavvi reveals new Pokemon Legends: Arceus inspired clothing range

Fashion retailer Zavvi has announced that it has teamed up with The Pokemon Company to produce a Pokemon Legends: Arceus themed clothing range. The clothing range includes a number of hoodies and t-shirts and you can view the full collection here. Pokemon Legends Arceus is out now for the Nintendo Switch system via the eShop and your favourite gaming retailers.

6 thoughts on “Zavvi reveals new Pokemon Legends: Arceus inspired clothing range”

    1. I honestly don’t I mean if I wanted something like that I would honestly buy a sticker and put it on my shirt, I mean know one would I’m wearing a turtwig shirt cause he’s all the way to the side of the shirt, I can see how some people like it though.

      1. Let’s be honest, slapping a sticker isn’t gonna last, but I get ya. It’s nice to have clothes with cool designs on it, but on the other hand I see how people prefer the “less is more” aspect when it comes to clothing. Just personal preference. Also where tf is everyone?!

  1. Decent selection, be better if they had a wider variety. Like a hoodie and/or shirt with Eevee. People will purchase it simply because it’s “Pokemon” anything with a popular logo or brand name sells, despite it being good quality. Not that this is good quality.

    I like graphic designs on hoodies and/or shirts, this is definitely interesting.

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