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Kamiya: Play the first two Bayonetta games before embarking on 3 later this year to make story even more interesting

IGN Japan has had the chance to chat with Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya about a number of topics including wanting Phil Spencer and Microsoft to revitalise the previously canceled Xbox exclusive Scalebound. Kamiya was also asked by IGN Japan about the long-awaited Bayonetta 3, which is scheduled to be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive later this year. Kamiya informed the publication that players should play Bayonetta and Bayontetta 2 before embarking on Bayonetta 3 as he says that it will make the storyline of the third game even more interesting if you have played the first two games in the series. Saying that, Kamiya says that you will enjoy whichever Bayonetta game you start with.

“I’d like you to play Bayonetta 3 after you’ve played the previous games.”

“We wrote the storylines for the first and second games in a way that you could enjoy them regardless of which one you started with, and there’s no reason why you won’t be able to follow the story and enjoy it if you start with Bayonetta 3.

“But I’m convinced that if you’ve played Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 you’ll find it even more interesting. So I hope you’ll [play them to] prepare yourself for the third game. If you haven’t played the first and second games, I think you’ll be missing out.”

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10 thoughts on “Kamiya: Play the first two Bayonetta games before embarking on 3 later this year to make story even more interesting”

  1. I completed the first one, alhtough with a lot of frustrations, and I started playing the second one, but I eventually gave up on it.

    Somehow, the gameplay of Bayonetta just never clicked for me. I think this goes for Platinum’s action games in general. They always just kick my ass and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, and after having this same experience with three of their games, I just kinda gave up and accepted that they weren’t for me.

    Though I’m still probably going to buy Bayonetta 3, just because I want to have the complete collection on Switch.

    1. I don’t like the gameplay of most of their games, but Bayonetta specifically clicks for me for some reason.
      I REALLY wanted to like Wonderful 101 but I just don’t.
      I also never finished astral chain, although I did like that one a bit better than 101. I guess it just didn’t completely hook me. Bayonetta though? I can’t put those down!

  2. Yeah, I mean honestly? I absolutely see the appeal of Bayonetta. The games are oozing with style, the characters are awesome, the bosses are crazy, the gameplay is fast-paced with very little down time. I’m not even surprised people love Bayonetta.

    For me personally, it all just came down to not being able to get a grasp of the dodge mechanic. No matter how hard I tried, and no matter how many similar games I had already played before, I just wasn’t able dodge enemies in Bayonetta. Since the game heavily requires it, this alone turns it into a very frustrating experience for me, even on lower difficulties.

    I had the same problems with dodging in Astral Chain, though I will say I did enjoy that game a little bit more than Bayonetta, because it wasn’t entirely focussed on combat. This means my unability to dodge didn’t quite have the same impact on the overall gameplay experience.

  3. Hey, for sure, if you had released both 1 and 2 physically in the states for the Switch I would have bought them again.

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