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Japan: Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be a physical event rather than digital

Good news today for Japanese gaming fans as it has been announced that the annual Tokyo Game Show will be a physical in-person event this year. The Tokyo Game Show has been a digital event in recent years due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but with restrictions in some countries lifted or heading that way, the organisers are planning for a proper physical event. Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be up and running from 15th September to the 18th September in Chiba, Japan and the theme for 2022 is ‘Nothing Stops Gaming.’

“Over these two years, various fun events disappeared from our daily life, but games still lightened up our days. Games will continue to brighten up the days of everybody now and forever — this year’s theme implies such strong determination.”

The statement adds that “2022 is the year to show the real spirit of games” and that the trade show’s mission is “to create hope and beyond”.

“Let’s open the gate to the forefront of games. Give courage and enthusiasm to everyone. Show your love of games to each other. Let’s dive into the heart of game craze,” the statement adds.


1 thought on “Japan: Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be a physical event rather than digital”

  1. Time to open more things up. This pandemic has held us back long enough. No virus has ever been totally eliminated & it’s time certain people realize there is no such thing as “zero infection.” Best we can hope for is a less deadly (less deaths) version of it. (Some people still die from the flu, after all.)

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