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Elizabeth Swann announced for Disney Speedstorm

pirates of the Caribbean Disney speedster

Disney and Gameloft have introduced a new character for their upcoming free to play game Disney Speedstorm. The new racer is none other than Elizabeth Swann from the engrossing Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise and is played by Keira Knightley. Disney Speedstorm will be zooming onto the Nintendo Switch family of systems and other platforms this summer.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Swann announced for Disney Speedstorm”

  1. If Disney and Gameloft’s Twitter hadn’t said it I would have never guessed this was a PotC character just going by that character model and outfit.

  2. Captain Jack Sparrow is pirate of the Caribbeans. How random characters get to overshadow him in Disney’s minds is confusing.


  3. I’ve never seen any PotC movies, so if it wasn’t mentioned what franchise she comes from, I probably would have no idea. Especially since she looks nothing like what a character from those movies would look like, she doesn’t look very, I dunno, pirate-y?

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