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Hogwarts Legacy will be coming to Nintendo Switch this fall

Hogwarts legacy art

In a surprise announcement Warner Bros Games have announced that the visually stunning Hogwarts Legacy game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch family of systems this winter. Despite some naysayers the game will be getting a physical edition on the platform, which discredits a Cloud Version of the game on the platform, thank goodness. Hogwarts Legacy for the Nintendo Switch is likely to be developed by a separate team of developers than the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game, but this has not been confirmed by Warner Bros, as of yet. The news of a Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy was announced earlier today on the official Hogwarts Legacy website’s Q&A section which you can read here.

Q: What platforms will Hogwarts Legacy be on?

A: Hogwarts Legacy will be available for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PlayStation4 Pro, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC.


7 thoughts on “Hogwarts Legacy will be coming to Nintendo Switch this fall”

  1. All they have to do in order to sell the switch version is just make sure the entire game is actually on the physical cartridge and don’t do what crapcon does with their physical switch releases.
    Seriously I hate crapcon because all of the switch physical releases are just complete trash, especially that trash physical release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that doesn’t even include the expansion on the physical cartridge, instead they are just re releasing the vanilla version with a voucher code for the expansion.
    Seriously F$%# crapcon, those cheap bastards are always pulling this crap, God I hope WB does better than crapcon when they release that Batman Arkham collection and hopefully include all of the Arkham games on physical cartridges and not half physical/digital.

    1. If customers cared about high quality physical editions, that’s what they’d invest in making. As much as it conflicts with my personal preferences, the overwhelming majority of customers to not give one tiny little care about physical editions generally or quality of physical editions when they appear. Why on earth would you expect them to aggressively invest in something that almost none of their customers care about?

      Its a market economy. For the most part, customer bases get what they want. Its just that a lot of the time, customer bases have terrible priorities.

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