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UK charts: Mario is the third biggest gaming franchise

Super Mario World SNES

Chart data firm GfK has published the thirty biggest gaming franchises in the United Kingdom which is the biggest video games market in Europe. Nintendo’s iconic Mario is the third biggest video game franchise after FIFA and Call of Duty. Other big games in the top ten include Rockstar Games acclaimed, Grand Theft Auto series, and also The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon games with the mainline games developed by Game Freak. You can view the top thirty best-sellers in the chart below.

“This is a fascinating list and anyone who has been following the development of the video game industry as I have will no doubt show little surprise at the sheer value, size, and breadth of this market.

“What was once seen as a niche sector is now an unquestionably mainstream market generating billions in revenue annually. The characters in these games have become much-loved heroes, from Lara Croft to Luigi and Mario, to Sonic the Hedgehog. Terms used in the franchises have entered our vocabulary, and there are more than a few gamers who could navigate their way around the outskirts of San Francisco from their time at the wheel of a stolen car in GTA.”

Dorian Bloch, GfK’s senior client insight director for Gaming. 

The UK Top 30 Selling Video Game Brands by Revenue

No.NameTitle CountSeries StartPublisher
2Call of Duty322003Activision Blizzard
4Grand Theft Auto211997Rockstar
5LEGO771997Warner/LucasArts/TT Games/Eidos
6Star Wars1131983EA/LucasArts/Warner
7The Sims1062000EA
9Assassin’s Creed27 2007Ubisoft
10Need For Speed301994EA
11Sonic55 1991Sega
12WWE and WWF611987Take-Two/THQ/Acclaim
13Marvel1061982Sony/Warner/Square Enix
14Wii Fit32008Nintendo
15Tom Clancy721997Ubisoft
16Guitar Hero/DJ Hero182006Activision Blizzard
17Pro Evolution Soccer222001Konami
18Skylanders62011Activision Blizzard
20Tomb Raider311996Eidos/Square Enix
23Formula One661992Codemasters/EA/Sony
24Gran Turismo131998Sony
26Harry Potter132001EA/Warner
27Crash Bandicoot221996Activision/Vivendi/Sony
28The Olympic Games201992Sega/Nintendo/Eidos/Konami/T2
30PGA Tour Golf461990EA/Take-Two


10 thoughts on “UK charts: Mario is the third biggest gaming franchise”

  1. Calling “star wars” a gaming brand and counting all star wars games as though they were part of the same series is maybe a bit obviously ridiculous?

    1. It is, but they’re doing the same with Mario. 109 Title counts? That’s insane. What’s more disgusting is the 106 Sims title counts. They’re obviously counting the expansion packs as single entries aswell.

      1. Lol you don’t like British people?
        Well, we clearly don’t have a very good taste in games based on this list, so fair enough I suppose lmao.

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