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Former Nintendo Minute co-host thinks Nintendo should reconsider Switch Online service offerings

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Former Nintendo Minute co-host Kit has spoken candidly about his thoughts on Nintendo’s offerings in the Nintendo Switch Online service. While he admits he has enjoyed revisiting some of the classic game the subscription offers, he makes a valid point that younger fans aren’t really interested in checking out games such as Ice Hockey on the NES app in 2022. There’s so many great games available these days including free-to-play games, plus there’s plenty of cheap delightful indies, which are all looking to occupy your free time. Revising the service with newer types of games and more third party classics would be a more enticing prospect for subscribers.

“This is just me if I was still working at Nintendo, I would love to get something newer, cause this stuff is old…and if you’re a younger player you’re like what is this, and why would I want to play Ice Hockey on NES, that means nothing to me…a lot of those NES game are like early, early NES games that belong in a museum.”

Kit also said that he thinks the Kyoto-based company should be more transparent about the Nintendo Switch Online subscription services offering as we’ve had a trickle of retro titles spread out over a fairly long period. It basically appears that he believes that more effort should go into the service.

“This is where I have an issue…I think giving people an indication of what the plan is helps, like how often am I going to be getting these…I think the initial NES and Super Nintendo games – those were awesome groups of games, but then everything after that has been kind of bad for the most part, and it became very inconsistent, so it’s like are they basically done with this versus the stuff they dug up that I’ve never heard of…yeah, so that’s what I get worried about where they added Nintendo 64 and Genesis – it’s like what is the plan? I almost have more confidence in Sega to deliver their best Genesis stuff, than I do with the other platforms.”

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12 thoughts on “Former Nintendo Minute co-host thinks Nintendo should reconsider Switch Online service offerings”

  1. It’s cool seeing both of them freely talk about Nintendo now that they aren’t employed by the company. Not that I minded how they were before, but I like seeing all of their reactions instead of the filtered company ones

      1. Well that’s usually how it goes- once they’re gone from that employer, the real thoughts and opinions come out. I know I have very few nice things to say about a company I used to work for.

    1. Except their opinion isn’t at all relevant. Millions want these games and enjoy them period. If they want all new stuff that’s fine buy the new games and not subscribe to nes online. People hacking on it because it doesn’t offer what they want means nothing. It is a service for a sordid group of people just like all games are for certain people and not for everyone. That’s just like voting for best of all time, it is impossible because of what people like is completely different. So yea express your opinion that’s fine but does it mean anything? Not at all just like when they worked for Nintendo it meant nothing. Nintendo minute wasn’t a success it could have been because of these two noobs. Real gamers should be doing it not wannabes.

      1. No I think they just like video games lol. Why wouldn’t they want the incentives to be better? I’m not alone in saying that NES games and obscure SNES games do not interest me, and what they said is entirely true. Kids don’t know these games. These games do not excite kids. Better incentives should always be sought after, and criticism should always at least be heard.

        Glad for you that you enjoy the NES and SNES incentives, but I literally only ever bought online so that I could play Smash with friends. I played DKC and Mario All Stars through the SNES app, but that’s about it. The rest of these incentives don’t mean anything to me, and I’m in my twenty’s. Imagine a kid seeing the NES and SNES line up and to them they only see blocky, old games (not how I’d personally see, but kids do). Nintendo is a company aimed at kids as well as adults, but they rarely have the best incentives for the younger generation

  2. So now they all of a sudden can speak. It’s good for these thoughts to be shared. Nintendo can link their older gamers and newer gamers alike with a more robust approach to sharing information about Nintendo online. I like this, though hilarious.


  3. I mostly agree but not really sure what’s he’s trying to say at the end of the quote. I don’t think the NES, SNES and N64 offerings thus far have been “bad” – just few and far between. And I don’t see where he’s coming from with Sega’s Genesis selection being so superior, as lots of great games are still missing including some of the best titles on the system, like Sonic 3&K.

    1. Sonic 3 and knuckles will not appear as it has had copyright issues for decades. It’s also why it doesn’t appear only any game collections of recent years.

    2. All he is trying to do is talk bad about Nintendo. They clearly had a bad break up.I never cared for them anyways so it doesn’t matter to me.

  4. It’s almost as if they follow Disney’s DVD releases with certain franchises. Where they release them for a limited time every so often and then put them back in the bank.

  5. Oh, so they’re like DONE DONE with Nintendo then… cause as great as it is to know their real thoughts…you know Nintendo is not a fan of criticism, not even constructive criticism. So, if there was any intention to return to Nintendo in any capacity.. It won’t happen.

    That said, it’s great they’re unmuzzled and we can here genuine thoughts rather than scripted company speak.

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