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Shares in Nintendo dropped due to Zelda: Breath of Wild 2 delay

link in the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild 2 from Nintendo

Japan’s Nikkei index dropped on Wednesday after news emerged yesterday from Nintendo that the highly-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 for the Nintendo Switch family of systems won’t be coming until next spring. The follow up to the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was scheduled to be released later this year, but some fans were expecting a delay due to the lack of information on the new game from Nintendo. Nintendo shared plunged 5.75% today due to the 2023 delay.


23 thoughts on “Shares in Nintendo dropped due to Zelda: Breath of Wild 2 delay”

      1. They got to make room for new Donkey Kong game this Fall so they pushed Zelda back :) Looking forward to hearing what the holiday game will be, unless the big late 2022 game is Splatoon.

      1. In the back of my head I knew it was gonna happen, but I was too optimistic and kept thinking it would release during November or something. It helped that there were enough big games releasing this year that my focus was put on them instead of worrying about Zelda

  1. At least BOW fans get updates on what’s going on with the sequel they been waiting for. Pikmin fans haven’t gotten updates on Pikmin 4 in nearly 7 years.

    1. you always complain about Nintendo. why don’t you complaint (for example( about the lack of banjo-kazooie sequels…has been like a whole life time since tooie, right? but hey, nintendo is the only one who neglects franchises.

      Go back to do the tropical freeze dance tobiyyah.

      1. Actually that’s Rare for some dumb reason won’t make a Threeie. But heck I’d they dont want to make money after the reaction of them coming to Smash Bros. not my problem.

    2. My friend, we Pikmin fans have learnt to be ready to even help Nintendo program the 4th entry. At this point Pikmin 4 shall be the big game of 2024.


      1. 2024.yeah right. Damn that’s nearly 10 years later since the liar said “Pikmin 4 was nearly complete.”

        Had they worked on the game immediately after Pikmin 3 was done we would had been on Pikmin 6 or 7 by now. What a missed opportunity of possible 6 pikmin games by now for wasting time doing nothing after Pikmin 3.

  2. I for one am happy they delayed Breath of the wild 2 ( Zelda ). 2022 was way too packed, 2023 needs that flagship game to carry the Switch for the next three years, plus the needed hyper boost of interest in the Switch, that allows Metroid prime 4 an infused upswing in buys.


  3. For those that are worried about this: this means nothing. This means literally nothing. Stocks drop for companies any time they announce news that likely isn’t going to go over well, like this delay of one of the most hyped games in recent years. Next time Nintendo announces another big title, or maybe even sooner, shares will jump up again. Econ 101.

  4. Lifetime Zelda fan here, I stopped liking Zelda after breath of the wild, the best part of Zelda series was the weapons. The breaking weapons sucks. And the lack of music in background is boring.

  5. Grab CEMU then patch Breath Of The Wild with Relics Of The Past mod THEN you will see BOTW in a brand new light. Hint: Remember to grab the 2 (or is it 3) fairies at the start. YOU WILL NEED THEM!!!

  6. If your bored of BOTW then try the Relics of The Past mod patching over the original via CEMU. You won’t regret it! Hint: Be sure to grab the 2 (or is it 3) fairies at the shrine where you first start because YOU WILL NEED THEM!!! There are lots of good weapons early on to get and the Giant Ancient Core scavenger hunt is optional. I am not sure what the reward is for completion.

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