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SEGA says no plans for physical Sonic Origins, but that could change

sonic origins digital deluxe edition from sega

SEGA of America’s social media manager, Katie Chrzanowski, has published a short frequently asked questions list about Sonic Origins on her Twitter account. She says that the company is currently looking at a digital only release, but that could change as she mentioned that there’s “no plans for physical at the moment.” Presumably the company will see how well Sonic Origins sells come its 23rd June release date before committing to a physical edition.

8 thoughts on “SEGA says no plans for physical Sonic Origins, but that could change”

  1. Accel World vs Sword Art was the same, the only region that got a digital and physical release was Japan. The developers aren’t gonna pay for advertisements, marketing and a game case if the game doesn’t have a big fan base.
    Seen alot of post where gamers said they wouldn’t purchase it as digital. So if their waiting to see how a digital only release does before doing a physical releaseit might hurt them in the long run if gamers refuse to purchase Sonic Origins as digital.

    Maybe they don’t have high hopes for Sonic Origins if they couldn’t even commit to a physical release.

  2. Of all the things people on the internet are complaining about this game and that’s the thing they are considering changing? Oh, this is rich. How do they even have jobs?

  3. They’re just saying that so people that wants physical will give in and purchase it digitally, and when they received a good amount of sales, they will release it physically for double dippers.

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