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Nintendo forecasts 20 million Switch sales for current fiscal year, a 10% decrease

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Nintendo expects to sell 20 million Nintendo Switch family of systems this current fiscal year, which is down 10% from last year. The Kyoto-based company says that the revised forecast is primarily due to the current component shortages and supply chain issues which are affecting other companies such as Apple and Sony and which has been exacerbated by the Russian military forces invasion of Ukraine. Nikkei Asia reports that this is a 30% decrease from fiscal year 2020, when sales of the Switch hit a peak at 28.83 million units. The company has reiterated that despite the Switch being six years old, demand remains solid. To compensate for the decline in Switch console sales, Nintendo plans to shift more software.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo forecasts 20 million Switch sales for current fiscal year, a 10% decrease”

  1. No one is buying the Ukraine conflict as a reason for delays in manufacturing or getting supplies. Why do they think everyone is so dumb.

    1. Russia is a huge country that exports many, many resources around the globe which other countries and industries rely on.

      Of course the conflict would have impacts on other, seemingly unrelated, industries.

      Not to mention. Think about how the conflict could impact European supply chains and how Japan could rely on those supply chains as well for components.

      It all runs full circle. The world relies on each other.

  2. 20M is what most consoles dream of their BEST year looking like…

    That would put Switch at 126M lifetime (That would make it the number 3 best selling system behind PS2 and DS).

    For reference the PS2 is the best selling console of all time with 155M sales. If they really do hit 20M on this “down” year, two years of say 18M and 12M or so would make it #1. Wouldn’t be shocked. Expecting a successor holiday 2024 or so (Not that it will immediately stop selling once a successor exists).

  3. How do they shift more software? They almost never have sales. There’s lots of games I’d buy but not for $60 (or even $50 which is the normal sales price I see).

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