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Tantalus: We haven’t been asked to bring Zelda: Twilight Princess HD to Switch

Tantalus are the development studio which brought over the beloved The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to the Wii U console and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD to the Switch family of systems. The Twilight Princess HD port was a great success for fans and many have been clamouring for Nintendo to bring the game to the newer Nintendo Switch system. However, Tantalus CEO, Tom Crago, recently appeared on the  Fragments of Silicon podcast and said that his company hasn’t been approached by Nintendo to bring The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD port to the Nintendo Switch. This doesn’t mean it’s not happening, but it is not a great sign either.

“The way it works with our friends over there is we’ll jump at any opportunity we can to work on one of their titles. There’s a constant dialog between our two companies. Often there’s a little bit of time that passes between titles, and there might be other ideas that are kicked around, but in the case of Skyward Sword, some time passed and then the email comes: ‘Would you be interested in considering bringing Skyward Sword on to Switch?’ To which the answer is of course: ‘Yes we would.’ And then we enter into the conversations with Nintendo around what that might look like and eventually we get underway. So it was similar in a lot of senses in terms of how Twilight Princess (on Wii U) came to fruition.”

“No, and look, we’d obviously love to do that, but that hasn’t been a priority for Nintendo – or at least not in conversations that they’ve had with us.”

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10 thoughts on “Tantalus: We haven’t been asked to bring Zelda: Twilight Princess HD to Switch”

  1. That’s ok. I’d rather Wind Waker HD if they had to do a port. I really liked Twilight Princess when it first came out but it wasn’t as good as I remembered when I played TP HD. Wind Waker was still the same though (if not better due to the visuals, faster sails, etc)

  2. Now. You just haven’t been reading Nintendo blogs. If you did then you would had known the demand in Twilight Princes to be ported to Switch.

    1. I know both games have been requested but I didn’t know that Twilight Princess specifically was the most wanted one.

  3. I for one am excited that no other Zelda games is coming. I’d rather have them focus all their resources in perfecting BoTW2.

    Also if Zelda ports come out it will inevitably delay mainline games. Anyways it’s best to remaster TP for a more powerful console rather than Switch.

    1. Not to disagree with you about them putting their resources into perfecting BotW2, but that’s kinda the point of outsourcing to other studios. Hiring another studio to use their own resources to bring a port or make a remake of a game has close to zero impact on the main team’s resources for development on BotW2.

      As for ports resulting in BotW2 getting a delay, I mean BotW2 is already delayed to next year. I get what your point is, but considering the game was already delayed I highly doubt that releasing a port would that much more to the delay if any at all.

      Either way I’m content with just waiting. I’ve got plenty of other things to hold me over, and I don’t have as much time for games as I used to. Though honestly I hope we get WWHD instead of TPHD anyway

      1. True there are many other games in my backlogs that I can fill my time with.

        To address your point about porting the two Zelda titles, while the jobs are usually outsourced (LA was to Grezzo, not sure if SSHD was though), Nintendo plugs in these games in their release calendars and spends money towards marketing efforts to promote them. Having brand overexposure cannot be good. It kills anticipation for the upcoming games. The consumer suffers from brand burnout from seeing a new Zelda release especially if it ejds up becoming a yearly release or twice a year.

        Again even when outsourced, Nintendo stays heavily involved and plays a supervisory role as they are known to have high quality assurance measures.

        1. Marketing and overexposure is a good point I hadn’t thought of, yeah. Then again this is still a high value Nintendo franchise we’re talking about. Pokémon and Mario also have a bit of overexposure, but they are varied enough to not cause too much of an issue.

          I dunno. You could be right, but I’m not too sure either way really. Again though I don’t really want TPHD ported anyway. I’d rather WWHD, so regardless of the outcome for TPHD I’m not really affected I guess

  4. I think porting Skyward Sword HD to Switch before TPHD was a better idea as that one hadn’t gotten the treatment yet, and also allowed for many of that game’s flaws to be rectified (“yes, game, I know what this collectible is- I don’t need a reminder every time I get another one after booting the game up again. Also, shut the f**k up, Fi. Thank you.”) Should TPHD eventually come to Switch? Yes, as should WWHD. And perhaps they will at some point in the future.

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