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Nintendo continues tweaking N64 app for Switch Online + Expansion Pack

switch online + expansion pack latest update

The release of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards has seen the Nintendo 64 application for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack updated to Version 2.3.0. Nintendo is continuing to make tweaks to how some of the classic games run on the Nintendo 64 app with slight updates to Star Fox 64, Mario Golf 64 and more. The news was announced by dataminer Oatmeal Dome who had been looking through some of the changes in the new Version 2.3.0 update. Back in February we heard that the Kyoto-based company were tweaking some of the game and Nintendo of America president, Doug Bowser, previously mentioned last November that the company takes feedback on the N64 app and its games very seriously.

Changes to N64 games in Version 2.3.0 update:

  • Star Fox 64 had gamma adjustment enabled – gamma value was set to 1.8.
  • Dr. Mario 64 had renderer settings adjusted (“ConstValue_0” added).
  • Mario Golf had renderer settings adjusted (“ConstValue_1” added).

12 thoughts on “Nintendo continues tweaking N64 app for Switch Online + Expansion Pack”

  1. I think they tweaked F-Zero X a little bit in the last patch too when they added Mario Golf- I’m not 100% certain, but playing it recently I didn’t notice framerate drops like there were when the game was first added (they were most noticeable in the first second of a race when every machine started moving). The camera is still slightly off during Grand Prix results where it shows underneath the track but that’s not even a complaint compared to framerate dips.

  2. It would be nice if they let users re-map controller buttons. Some games like Starfox 64 are not really nice to play with a pro controller, let alone with joy-cons.

    1. I bought a retrobit 64 controller. It feels pretty good and the buttons map exactly like they should be. It is wireless and can be used on the 64 also.

  3. Another tweak to the app should be adding more than 1 game a month I like Kirby and Mario golf but I know not everyone likes those type of games, this service can easily be a hit or miss for most people who want use this service for N64 and online, I feel like if they want to be slight generous especially by Nintendo standards they could release 2 new N64 games a month.

    1. I like that idea too, nintendo just doesn’t have enough games they’d run out to soon. At least that’s the excuse I got

        1. It’s not reall ideal then… It would make more sense to let players configure it in each game. Not everybody has a spare controller to use just for a game.

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