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Nintendo fixes several games on N64 App for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members

Dataminer and Nintendo fans Oatmeal Dome and Fernando have been taking a closer look at the new update for the Nintendo 64 app on Switch for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members and has discovered that Nintendo is continuing fixing some of its games on the service which were subject to increased fog and other issues. The games which have been worked on include the classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64 and also Paper Mario 64, which had a crashing issue. This means that the Kyoto-based company has taken onboard the criticisms levelled at them for some of the unintended emulation experiences and are working on improving the app.

9 thoughts on “Nintendo fixes several games on N64 App for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members”

  1. So good that they fixed the OoT fog issues among other things, but, why do they insist on making big fixes only when they add another game to the service? Especially when there are significant and even save-breaking issues like the Paper Mario Watt Crash?

    1. Yes. What was a limitation of the N64 was transformed into a tool used for building atmosphere in many games like OoT, MM, and many others. The issue when the fog is removed is that it messes with how the developers used the limitation to help the imagination of the people playing their game. Honestly that’s a feat in itself making a limitation a selling point

  2. The problem with N64 emulation or emulators in general is that they aren’t perfect even if the emulation is the best. That being said glad they didn’t pull an Anthem or GTA Trilogy.

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