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Sonic Frontiers teaser trailer

sonic in sonic frontiers

SEGA has released a brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming 3D Sonic adventure Sonic Frontiers which is due out later this year on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. The Sonic Team have clearly gone all out on the game’s visuals, which admittedly do look impressive, but all eyes will naturally be on the gameplay and what there is to do in the sprawling and lush open world. Check out the teaser trailer for Sonic Frontiers down below.

15 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers teaser trailer”

  1. Someone please say sike, I get that this is a demo build but this really does look like one of those unreal demo builds, I still have a teensy bit of hope, but i really wish they went for something unleashed style like having a big sandbox world, but still having nice looking stages, my feelings are still mix about this game.

    1. SEGA and Sonic Team is putting a lot of effort by spending a certain amount of money for this new project to bring in new elements and variety for the Sonic IP which they are trying to expand it. They made the right choice for delaying the game. I’m looking forward for the new game this year!.

      SEGA and Sonic Team is trying to do better.

  2. it looks interesting. The look of the open world hasn’t really wow’ed me so far though, hope that changes soon. The combat also looks a bit stiff but that will hopefully be improved.

  3. Would be neat if it was classic Sonic style world instead of trying to rip off Botw+Shadow of the Collosus

  4. That clip where Sonic runs a circle around an enemy completing a glowing trail behind him which destroys it SCREAMS Nights Into Dreams.

    I’m cautiously optimistic. While I won’t be a fan if the whole game is open world, I don’t think Sonic lends itself to that organically, we’ve seen so little that it could easily be the case that this is a hub world and that this overworld will contain transitions to more traditional Sonic levels. If that’s the case, this is just a much improved reinterpretation of the design of Sonic Adventure 1.

    1. I’m hopeful that it’s big levels that you explore and not just a big empty world that’s completely open from the beginning. If we have big levels that are fun to run around and explore in that would be rad. If it’s just one big open world, I feel like it will be too disorganized to be that good.

      But I’m hopeful

  5. It looks great.
    My only slight concern (so far) is that it’ll try a little too hard to be like BotW, particularly with the more quiet music.

  6. When I saw this teaser, I was instantly hyped.

    But when it finished, I had a single wish: SEGA, please do not do us Switch fans dirty by only giving us a cloud version. The Switch can handle this game through normal means

  7. I want this game to do one thing BotW didn’t do: have enemies that will chase you all over the map no matter how far you go from where you encountered them. Provided they don’t lose track of you, of course. I was very disappointed that BotW’s guardians didn’t do this. Especially after they hyped up how persistent they’d be in wanting to kill you.

    1. Honestly? I’ll just be happy if they really put out the effort. Sega’s soul has been crushed for too long. They haven’t taken pride in what they do for ages.

      Bring me the people who thought releasing the 32X, Saturn, and Nomad in the same year was a good idea. I want to buy crazy things from those wildmen.

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