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Ubisoft is not holding an E3-style press conference until “later this year”

French company Ubisoft's official logo

Every June is typically a busy year for the video gaming industry, whether E3 happens or not. That’s because it’s the month where gaming companies hold press conferences and video presentations. And of course, in Nintendo‘s case, that usually means a Nintendo Direct occurs.

But it isn’t just Nintendo that you’ll learn about games releasing on the Switch. Third-parties like Ubisoft hold press events of their own that typically have games that come to multiple video gaming platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

However, that doesn’t look to be the case this year. Axios has learned from a Ubisoft spokesperson that the company has decided not to do a June press conference. Instead, they have confirmed that they will be holding off on one until “later this year”.


2 thoughts on “Ubisoft is not holding an E3-style press conference until “later this year””

  1. I just want to know the status of Sparks and Hope. Take yall time with the game I’m just glad someone knows how to start software immediately after the first one. It’s nice I only have to fork over 60 bucks and not 400 bucks to play the sequel. Thanks Ubisoft

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