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A Sonic Central video presentation has been announced for tomorrow

You are probably very well aware of this by now, but there is a ton of Sonic Frontiers news coming this month. The game is currently slated to release later this year on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

However, the Sonic news is far from done. Despite 2 gameplay videos already releasing last week, there is more Sonic Frontiers information expected tomorrow. Sonic Origins is releasing later this month. Sonic Prime is supposed to be premiering later this year. And it looks like SEGA is going to addressing that and much more.

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter has announced that a Sonic Central video presentation will be airing tomorrow, June 7th, at 12pm Eastern. In other time zones, this is 9am Pacific, and 5pm in the UK. According to the tweet, it will contain “a sneak peek at some of our upcoming projects, partnerships, and events happening in 2022″. The tweet is down below.

10 thoughts on “A Sonic Central video presentation has been announced for tomorrow”

  1. Ok let’s see it’ll probably most likely be more half job of what their trying to show with frontiers, probably another origin trailer, news on sonic prime with probably an actual trailer, new obligatory sonic merch some dlc the only game I can think of thats sorta fresh from sonic team that could use it would be team sonic racing, wishes that probably won’t happen being ports of the advance collection or a sequel, a new original 2d sonic game, heroes,adventure, or unleashed receive a port idk this part is meant to be wishes so I don’t really have hope in it happening especially with the direction sonic teams been in.

    1. Yeah I have to agree with you on that. I’m still not getting my hopes up on this central and I’m keeping my expectations low for this announcement. Not gonna lie, but some things we wanted won’t happen right away and some people said that Sonic Team is doing a lazy ass job for Frontiers.

      1. It’s honestly just the way things are going we’re seeing combat and him just running around a somewhat empty looking world with beautiful scenery that really doesn’t fit sonic world, things like that is what makes people worried about that game, it’s like if Odyssey first got show off and every single gameplay trailer is just him running around new donk city and just randomly throwing cappy around in the same world many people would probably have the same issues saying the same thing.

        1. Yeah, perhaps your right about that dude. The Starfall Islands is really great with nice wonderful views and all, but even so SEGA did said they are trying to expand the Sonic brand by expanding Sonic’s world possibly bringing in new Sonic characters or maybe new aspects in the franchise for short. I understand most people are concerned about the game performance and the game combat system and all, but they probably fear that they will suffer the same issues like Odyssey just like you said.

          As far as I’m aware of the game performance and its gameplay, I still believe that SEGA and Sonic Team is trying to do better just like I said before in the last article. Some people wanted Sonic Team to delayed the game for another year just to keep the game more fresh by fixing the game’s gameplay and some people starting to lose trust with them because of there lack of creativity and the performance of the Sonic Franchise. These types of issues has been ongoing after they reveal the second trailer for the game.

  2. Maybe the first two trailers of Frontiers will be like the “Ugly Sonic” for this game and the trailers they show tomorrow will show something that looks incredibly different and better.

  3. everybody should keep your expectations low, it’s sega/sonic team we are talking about.

    I really want frontiers to be a good game but so far the things they have showed are disappointing.

  4. While I know there is no guarantee we will see any no new Sonic Frontiers news, I am going to remain fairly positive


    Because I don’t want to let my inner optimist die because of this game

  5. And its already over, ‘Shadow in Sonic Prime confirmed’ was nice but was hoping for more then that, quite the letdown when. -_-‘

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