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Capcom Showcase on 13th June

Japanese company Capcom logo

It’s currently the traditional times slot for E3, which of course isn’t happening this year, but that hasn’t stopped video gaming companies preparing to put together showcases to show off their latest and greatest game franchises. The latest company to announce a presenation is Capcom which is sure to have something to please fans. The Capcom Showcase will take place on 13th June at 3pm PT / 11pm UK time. The Capcom Showcase will be roughly 35 minutes and will feature news and in-depth updates on currently announced games from the Japanese company.

Thanks to Greatsong1 for the news tip!

2 thoughts on “Capcom Showcase on 13th June”

  1. Here’s hoping they announce a new MegaMan game for consoles (specifically Switch): it has been 4 years since MegaMan 11, so I think we are overdue for a new game in the series.

    And no: collections don’t count

  2. Please Capcom…announce SOMETHING Megaman that isn’t related to XDive! Hell I’ll take a Legends anniversary collection if it can garner interest in that series to make a Legends 3…you owe us!!!

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