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Pokemon Snap is coming to Switch Online’s Nintendo 64 library on June 24th

To say that the Nintendo Switch Online retro libraries have been getting more games would be an understatement. After multiple years of implementing a slow-drip of more games, Nintendo has surprisingly abandoned this. In fact, a lot of retro games have been added to their retro libraries in just the last few months alone.

That trend continues tonight. Nintendo has announced that, on June 24th, Pokemon Snap will be coming to the Nintendo 64 library of games that are available on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The official tweet can be seen down below.

9 thoughts on “Pokemon Snap is coming to Switch Online’s Nintendo 64 library on June 24th”

  1. Dang it should of been pokemon coliseum, but I wonder how long it’ll take to get any of the mario parties, smash 64 and other cool first party nintendo games, I doubt will be getting any third party games any time soon with the drought release nintendo is doing for the online service really hoping we do get gba with this service to help ease people into wanting to get it.

    1. Do you mean Pokemon Stadium? I want them on the service as well, but they’ll have to get the Gameboy games on there first and somehow find a way to get the data to transfer. I can’t wait for Mario Party to be added if the online connection works fine though.

  2. Alright. Now all we need is Super Smash Bros., Wave Race, Excite Bike 64, Tetrisphere, Donkey Kong 64, all three Bomberman games, Diddy Kong Racing, Mischief Makers, Pilotwings 64 a few more games from Rare (Perfect Dark and Jetforce Gemini are at the top of my list) and a couple Mario Parties. And I guess the Pokemon colosseum games, even though they’d be incomplete without the original Pokemons.

    I’ll even take some badly rated games like Quest 64 or the two Castlevania 64 games.

    And that is my small list of what I want.

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