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The Nintendo Switch’s firmware has received a “rebootless” update

When Nintendo normally releases an update to the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware, it results in a version number change and, at the very least, a handful of changes that had been made. For these updates to finish, the console is required to reboot itself.

This is a rare exception. Nintendo decided to release an update to the Nintendo Switch’s firmware, but it is a very small one. It is so small that, not only is the version number still version 14.1.2., but the console does not need to reboot to finish the update. Due to the nature of this “rebootless” update, there are no official patch notes. However, it has been discovered that Nintendo has added more things to the list of banned words


5 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch’s firmware has received a “rebootless” update”

    1. No. Rebootless, like it doesn’t need to reboot to complete the update, ever. It doesn’t even have patch notes.

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