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Chinese gamer who leaked Splatoon Switch (OLED Model) reveal claims new Switch model reveal for September

A Chinese web user who correctly predicted the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) announcement today, has hinted that Nintendo is preparing to reveal a slightly more powerful Nintendo Switch model this September. The leaker, who naturally wished to stay anonymous, said that he didn’t want to discuss the Nintendo Switch model which he claims will be revealed by Nintendo in September. However, he did say that “I already said it in last month’s post, I expect it to be announced in September” and that Nintendo fans should prepare for “The dawn of 60 frames, only know so much.” As always this is a rumour and Nintendo has not mentioned that they are working on a more powerful Nintendo Switch console.


15 thoughts on “Chinese gamer who leaked Splatoon Switch (OLED Model) reveal claims new Switch model reveal for September”

  1. Definitely grain of salt also he’s anonymous meaning he won’t get flack for him being wrong when it doesn’t occur, also we already have
    2 slightly upgraded switches compare to the launch (the new model switch the came out a year or two after the switch, the switch lite also uses it as well and the OLED model) OLED isn’t even a year old and yet it would be stupid for them to release another pro model, it’s almost every year we hear “insert credible source insider/leaker says switch pro is coming this year”

      1. It so painful for people who believe in it though people have been talking about pro since after the first switch presentation if it happens it happens though I’ll just accept it

        1. Yeah, people still going on about the Switch pro rumor since it was mentioned the first time during COVID. I’m still sticking to my original model of my Switch no matter how many rumors are there about the pro because we all know Nintendo was a little serious about these types of leaks and rumors and we all know it’s going to be stupid of them to release another model after they release a OLED last year.

          Not only that, the OLED has been around for a year now and it does not feature the 4K graphics.

        2. After OLED, I don’t trust any rumors about a new switch unless it’s a 2. I probably wouldn’t by a switch pro honestly anyway, I upgraded my my day 1 switch with the oled. Nintendo would just be kinda milking it at this point a year after

    1. They could announce a new system to be released next year but I don’t see that. We are literally a year and a half away from the switch being seven years old which means I would expect an announcement next spring, summer or even fall ( I expect fall but it is hard telling with Nintendo ) for a new system or an upgraded switch. Seven years is the typical life of a system before a new one comes out and it would give the oled 2 1/2 years before it would be released also giving them more sales.

  2. Suuuuure, “correctly predicted something that was announced just today”. And suuuuuure, upgraded Switch again.

    To be fair, it’s been some time without a Switch Pro rumor. Was kinda surprised.

  3. Yep. Just as I figured. Another Switch pro rumor has awaken once again. Saying something that has not been announced by Nintendo is just meaningless. Even so the OLED model has only been out for a year during COVID.

  4. People really need to let go of the idea of a Switch pro happening. Even Elsa said “Let it go, let it go”.

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