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Nikkei: No new Nintendo hardware coming this fiscal year

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Japanese new publication The Nikkei is reporting this morning that there won’t be any new Nintendo hardware for the current fiscal year which ends on 31st March, 2023. The news was reported via Bloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki who said that Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa was interview by the site. However, Mr. Mochizuki admitted that it isn’t clear in the article whether this information was shared by Mr. Furukawa in the interview or whether the information comes from The Nikkei’s own sources.

16 thoughts on “Nikkei: No new Nintendo hardware coming this fiscal year”

  1. I used to think leaks and rumours were the coolest things ever but now I hate them as they just ruin the fun.
    Even though it will never happen, I’d love nothing more than to just get all the news via official announcements and not through a boring piece of text on some website.

    1. ……And to think: all you would have to do is enjoy your life, stay off unofficial news sites, and not comment on gaming websites :)

      1. LIMP_BIZKIT_82 or not hype up these rumors only to be disappointed when it don’t come true plus getting mad at the company for “lying” to them as if they “promised” them the thing they wanted.

        1. yep, company has no ability to even shoot down rumors a lot of the time or else their lack of doing so is confirmation in the future, fake leaks are completely outside their control and it ain’t their fualt if they promise way more than is feasible (grinch leak)

  2. Well I never believed they would anyways. Their milking the lifespan at this point, it’s still selling well. Hopefully 2024 we get something more powerful until then I have my steamdeck.

    Just sucks I can’t play nintendo games without jumping on the emulation wagon.

    1. Is playing a Nintendo game on a Nintendo system really that bad for you, unless your talking about older hardware that Nintendo doesn’t produce anymore or the old games which Nintendo barely have any need to preserve for the future that makes you want to emulate Nintendo games, yeah I definitely understand but let’s not act like switch games on the switch are completely unplayable and don’t work considering first party games are optimize way much better than third party games on the switch.

  3. I have a switch with tons of games first party and third party. I would never play them on switch with the outdated hardware, blurriness, jaggies, pop ins, etc if I had a choice. They do a great job with optimizing, but you can see where they have to cut corners because the system is just at its limit.

    Since the steamdeck, the switch is now for my first party exclusives which I love but have never been a pretty sight to look at. Especially the xenoblades, my favorite franchise. So yes I would prefer to play on newer hardware, but it doesn’t mean I won’t and If I want to play switch games on steamdeck it’s a hassle.

    1. The Steamdeck won’t be able to do too much better my dude, emulation requires pretty powerful hardware to run if you’re using high graphics settings and want a decent framerate.
      I just recently upgraded my PC with a 3090 graphics card and a new CPU, and yuzu STILL stutters very frequently when using enhanced graphics and FPS mods, even on relativly simple games like Kirby and Animal Crossing. And the steam deck is significantly less powerful than that.

  4. I already accepted the fact to expect the next Switch to be weaker than the Steam Deck so when the specs are released, I won’t be disappointed. The gap between the Switch and Switch 2 isn’t going to be any bigger than Wii U and Switch are in raw power. It’s Nintendo for gosh sakes. After the Wii people actually think a Switch 2 is really going to be from Switch to PS4 Pro in power. Yeah ok. Capcom probably trying to convince them to give it 2 more gigs like when they convinced them to make the NX more powerful when that was in R&D. Nintendo isn’t about future proofing nothing. The Switch 2 needs to actually be between PS4 Pro and Series X. But we know by the time they make a console that Powerful, it will be 2032. In the meantime I’m just going to buy the software of the Switch knowing it’s tapped out or limited in graphics.

  5. And besides if they were to release the Switch 2 between 2022 and 2024. How then would anyone know if the Switch can dethrone the PS4 or PS2? I’m curious as how or when the sales will finally start decreasing on its own?

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