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River City Girls 2 pushed back and is coming to North America later this year

river city girls 2

WayForward has announced that River City Girls 2 has been delayed in North America. The game was originally meant to be released late summer, but has suffered a set back. WayForward didn’t specify when fans will be able to get their hands on the game. It also isn’t clear what this means for the European release of River City Girls 2 as WayForward didn’t mention it, despite requests from fans. However, the company did show off the game’s lovely cover-art, which you can view below.

6 thoughts on “River City Girls 2 pushed back and is coming to North America later this year”

  1. I honestly had a feeling that it was going to be delayed. They said it was going to be released during the summer and the Summer is basically almost over but I’m glad that they are confirming the delay instead of just speculation on my part. But even though I’m super Hyped for this game, I can definitely wait :) ! Their working diligently on this game and I can’t wait for it to release when ready!

    On a side note I’m REALLY hoping that Silksong will be released later this year 🙏!!

  2. I’m not at all surprised, given that summer is practically over: however, I am still hyped for this game.

    The first River City Girls was easily in my top three favorite indie games of all time, so I have high hopes for the sequel🤩

  3. I’ll never understand why some people get peepee hurt when a game gets delayed, do they want another Anthem or CoD or Battlefield? Anyways I’m hyped for this game.

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