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US: Pokemon Happy Meal toys are back at McDonalds

You may recall that, last year, McDonalds had some Happy Meal Pokemon items available in various regions, such as the UK and United States. They weren’t around for very long, but they were still really successful. Not only did they keep selling out in the United States, but when the Happy Meal Pokemon content arrived in the UK, McDonalds had to limit purchases so scalpers wouldn’t take advantage of the limited stock.

Well, the Pokemon Happy Meal content was so popular that McDonalds has decided to bring them back. From now until September 26th, you will be able to get various Pokemon cards, spinners, coins, and even a handful of books.


3 thoughts on “US: Pokemon Happy Meal toys are back at McDonalds”

  1. Anyone else remember the gold-looking plates from Burger King way back when?

    Man… did they have us hook, line, and Pokeball.

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