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Nintendo of America president investigating “claims made about worker conduct”

By now, you’re more than likely aware of the recent investigative report that Kotaku released yesterday. The report was about female game testers that were experiencing sexism, sexual harassment, and more at Nintendo of America and the contractor companies that have worked with them.

Well, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has sent out an internal email to employees discussing the matter. In it, Bowser says he’s aware of “media coverage involving claims made about worker conduct”, and states that “we have strict policies designed to protect our employees and associates from inappropriate conduct and expect full compliance with these policies by all who work for or with us. We have and will always investigate any allegations we become aware of, and we are actively investigating these most recent claims”.

Bowser also recommended employees contact “your HR Business Partner” if they “experience, have experienced, witness, or have witnessed anything concerning such behavior that is contrary to our Standards of Conduct, employee handbook, or Company Values”.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo of America president investigating “claims made about worker conduct””

  1. Assuming the article in question is actually legit (this is Kotaku we’re talking about here, so I’m not 100% convinced), this investigation should hopefully weed out any toxic man-children currently working there who still apparently haven’t got the memo that sexual harassment is never okay, even if they portrayed it as a joke. Nobody, man or woman, should ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their place of work due to the actions of their co-workers.

    It’s honestly depressing to see that this kind of stuff is apparently still happening in 2022, I genuinely hope the article turns out to be false.

    1. only in western companies you see this kind of thing. also i agree that its hard to take these seriously since the one media covering it is Woketaku, i mean Kotaku and they have not the best track record.

      1. Is it that this only happens in western companies, or that it’s only reported in western companies?

        The distinction is important, critical thinking is always necessary in these claims.

  2. Mmm very understandable. I guess this won’t be ignored despite all of this is happening currently. Females who work in these types of conditions almost pushing pass there limits.

  3. Microsoft did this crap to Activision-blizzard to drive the company price down. They were not going to stop.

    Microsoft then got what they wanted and now the problems have magically gone away.

    Not saying they are doing this to nintendo but they or someone else could be.

    Its dirty and people better wake up.

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