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Team Rock won the Splatoon 3 World Premier Splatfest

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The results have come through for the Splatoon 3: Splatfest World Premier and although all teams fought hard to win for their respective teams, it was Team Rock which ultimate won the event. Team Rock won the event by 25 points Team Paper came second with 10 points, and Team Scissors were third with no points. Team Rock also proved to be the most popular team out of the big three at 42.70 percent. Team Scissors were 40.26 percent and Team Paper, 17.02 percent. Splatoon 3 will launch for Nintendo Switch on 9th September and there will be plenty more Splatfests to come. Well done to all who took part in the event!

11 thoughts on “Team Rock won the Splatoon 3 World Premier Splatfest”

  1. Ngl, wasn’t a big fan of the Tricolor Turf War part of the Splatfest.
    It seemed to be so heavily weighed against the defending team to the point where there was almost no chance of a comeback after one the other teams activated even a single Ultra Signal.
    I know the point of it is to give the losing teams a chance to get more points, but I feel as if they went overboard with it. The fact that Team Scissors went from having a healthy first place lead at half time to literally coming last is indicative of this I feel.

    1. Tricolor feels so weird and rigged, honestly wouldn’t have been upset about it if the devs actually made custom stages fitted for this mode where all teams could still have an upper hand we only came in 3rd because the game kept forcing us in that mode, barely played turf war in second phase, and I’m pretty sure the same goes for the rest of scissors crew it also doesn’t help that we don’t even get a choice to play tricolor or not, feels like the best way to even win these three way games is to pick one of the least popular teams, I will say that even though we did lose the matches before tricolor were indeed fun, btw did any of you guys get the Splatoon OLED edition, I did it’s honestly really nice tbh.

      1. Really hope the demo helps them to see they need custom stages to make the mode work, they chose the worst stage for that mode, most times teams literally camp our spawn area

  2. The Tri-Battles feel like a cool-idea-bad-execution sort of deal. I was on Team Scissors and it was absolutely the worst to have almost every battle be a Tri-Battle on my least favorite stage-mini edition,I get that they blocked the pathways to access the spawn points to prevent spawn camping, but it was sort of pointless since I and another person on my team decided to become roller buddies to focus on inking whatever turf we could get at the moment. While our other teammates focused on defending the dumb signal thingy and splatting whoever got by us.
    It was a disorienting mess (THANKS MAGICAL, UNKILLABLE SPRINKLERS.) and just made the ‘Give the underdogs a chance’ route they were taking feel utterly pointless and a punishment for the winning team since everyone was neck-n-neck before the Tri-Battles attacked.

  3. As a Team Scissors player, once we hit the half-time, I never had another regular 2-team match; I always ended up in a tricolor Turf War. I also noticed that in tricolor, if either duo team has more ink coverage than the 4-stack, both duos win.

    I believe tricolor needs some adjustments.

  4. In Japan here, so not sure if it was the same.

    As the winning team at half time (scissors) we couldn’t select tri-colour, and I didn’t get put in even a single tri-colour game despite playing for a good four hours.

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