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Nintendo says they will continue to make improvements to Splatoon 3 matchmaking and Tricolor Turf War

Nintendo has been looking closely at feedback for the Splatoon 3 World Premier Splatfest which took place during the weekend and saw Team Rock as the winners. In a new tweet, the official Splatoon account said that they will continue to make improvements to the game’s matchmaking, which was a little spotty at times with a few general disconnects and also hosts leaving the game just before the match started, causing you to end up back in the lobby. Nintendo also said that they have heard the feedback regarding the new Tricolour Turf War, which by all accounts was a little unfair, with numerous reports of rage quitting on social media. The team thanked fans for playing the Splatoon 3 demo with the full game launching soon on 9th September.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo says they will continue to make improvements to Splatoon 3 matchmaking and Tricolor Turf War”

  1. I only actually got two tri-color matches working during the demo, because most of the time, when selecting tri-color, I would just get regular turf war instead.

    That being said, in both of my tri-color matches, the center team displayed an overwhelming dominance. That could of course just be a coincidence (two matches is hardly a sufficient sample size), but the dominance in both cases was so large that I genuinely do think the center team has a clear advantage at this time. They’ll definitely have to do some balancing work there.

    1. Huh, that’s weird. Honestly I had the complete opposite experience with the Tri-Colour matches.
      In my experience if any of the other two teams activated a single Ultra Signal, that was basically game over for the central team. The central team had no way of disabling it or activating their own, putting them at a major disadvantage for the rest of the match
      It was like that for pretty much every single Tri-Colour match I played, only came close to victory a couple of times and the rest were complete domination by the other two teams.

      1. Admittedly, I don’t even know what an ultra signal is. There’s a very real chance I just have no idea how to play Splatoon 3! 😅

        In any case, yeah, it was a pretty clear case for the two matches I was in. The center team dominated overwhelmingly, with like >40% converage for them vs <30% for the other teams.

    2. Were you on team scissors? One of my teammates told me the leading team was meant to not be able to choose and they would get random Tricolor matches, while Rock and Paper could pick. Not sure if this is true though, I only got to play about an hour of post halftime splatfest

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Splatfest and whole feel of Splatoon3. Luckily I hardly had any connection issues.
    I really enjoyed the tri-colour battles. Was surprised to see as many criticisms.
    Looking forward to the full game. And more Splatfests!

  3. Okay good, at least they are aware of the issues and have said they will address it. We’ll just have to see now what they will do.

    1. I believe they’ll make custom stages that are more fitting for the mode that would be fitting similar to how marina made custom stages design for splatfest during each splatfest.

  4. Whoever thought tri-color battles should have uneven teams is just daft. Just make it 3 v 3 v 3 in 3-way symmetry arenas. Who really wants to play as a pair against 6 others?

    1. I think, if you’re in one of the duos, you want to try to work with the other one to beat the 4-stack that controls the center. It looks like if either duo has more ink down than the 4-stack, both duos win; at least, that’s what the results screen seems to imply.

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