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Mario Kart Tour no longer gacha from later this month, plus battle mode coming

Mario Kart tour golden gliders

Nintendo has announced that the frustrating gacha elements for Mario Kart Tour will be removed later this month. That means that the pipes, which you previously fired up using the in-game rubies to gain randomised costumes, characters and karts, will no longer be used, most likely allowing you to purchase characters etc that you want directly using rubies. This move could have something to do with the European Union’s continued crack down on loot boxes. Another thing which will delight players of Mario Kart Tour is that Battle Mode is finally coming.

11 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour no longer gacha from later this month, plus battle mode coming”

  1. Lol thank goodness, I feel bad for Anyone who spent money on the gacha stuff considering there are other ways to obtain special high-end characters, gliders, and karts I actually have a lot of rubies save so music to my ears.

      1. Neither do I. You’re literally gambling, except unlike casino machines the game actually shows you your abysmal pull rates for getting the 5 star characters you want. Yet people still decide to foolishly waste their money on em, and these games make millions every year lmao.

        1. I’m pretty sure fire emblem heroes has made billions because of how much it tops the chart for Nintendo fiscal year, it’s honestly so mess up never payed for micro transaction and always thought it was scummy.

          1. Yeah, its wayyyyyyyy worse. You should see all the youtube vids of people streaming and spending $300+ just to get their waifu smh. These people buy thousands of premium currency just to get a picture of their favorite character in a swimsuit…..

            I play gacha games, but only using the in-game credits you get as rewards from playing the game. I’d have an existential crisis if I spent even just $10 on these games lol.

              1. I really feel bad that this has to happened. Despite the controversy of the game. Feels like a total waste for a move that Nintendo is doing. But at least battle mode is coming up.

  2. If that’s all truly going away, I might play this game again. Of course, in a perfect world, some of the stuff in Tour like characters, skins, and kart parts would also be added to 8 Deluxe.

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