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Teaser trailer for Super Mario movie to debut at New York Comic Con

We will finally get a glimpse of the Super Mario movie next month as it has been announced that the first teaser trailer will debut at New York Comic Con. The project has been in development for sometime now and is a joint collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination, the animation studio behind film franchises such as Despicable Me. Mr. Miyamoto has been supervising the project and the voice actor for Mario is none other than Chris Pratt. You can hopefully catch the trailer on YouTube on 6th October and the movie launches 7th April, 2023.

9 thoughts on “Teaser trailer for Super Mario movie to debut at New York Comic Con”

  1. I’m usually flat-out out ignored whenever I bring this up, but I don’t trust Illumination to do this movie, given the character designs they’re known for. And with Chris Pratt doing his own take on Mario, instead of Charles Martinet reprising his role with full dialog, this is going to be a very different Mario universe.

    I was hoping for a movie resembling the animated cutscenes from recent Mario games (3D World, Odyssey, Mario +Rabbids, Mario Tennis Aces, etc.).

  2. Do we get a teaser for the teaser for the trailer of an upcoming movie? Maybe just a 7 second clip of Chris Pratt, asleep. mumbling “Ravioli… mama mia…”?

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