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Legend of Mana Teardrop opening theme

Warner Bros Japan and Square Enix is readying the release of the Legend of Mana Teardrop TV anime and have shared the beautiful new opening theme ahead of the show’s debut on 7th October. Obviously the anime is based in part on the classic Legend of Mana video game with Saori Hayami handling the opening theme which is titled Tear of Will and the animation is being handled by Graphinica x Yokohama Animation Lab.

Shiloh, a young boy who lives near the town of Domina, begins to hear a mysterious voice in his dreams. The voice told him he had a mission…One day, Shiloh meets two people known as Jumi. The Shumi are a race of people targeted—and many killed—for the jewel buried in their chests. Recently, mysterious jewel thieves have been attacking Jumi all over the world. And so Shiloh sets out on an adventure concerning the jewels of the Jumi!

Legend of Mana Teardrop story description

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