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Some Splatoon 3 players are continuously spamming specials decimating opposing players

artwork for Splatoon 3

Japanese Twitter users have brought to attention (via Siliconera) some of the cheating which has been going on in Splatoon 3 even getting the term チーター (“Cheater”) trending on the social network. The issue revolves around a small number of players who have been continuously firing specials without having to wait for their special weapon meter to fill up. It is not clear whether the it is caused by an unpatched bug or some form of hacking, but the issue seems to be primarily with the Tetra Missiles and Reef Slider specials. This has prompted Japanese Twitter users to call on Nintendo to fix the issue.


11 thoughts on “Some Splatoon 3 players are continuously spamming specials decimating opposing players”

  1. I believe it was the result of hacking if you ask me. Because I knew this issue is going to happen at some point after the game releases. I know some players enjoys using the special move for the game just to cheat.

    1. Does Splatoon 3 even have a reporting thing in place for things like this I know smash bros does but I don’t think 3 even works for real, yesterday I reported some borderline (you already know it wasn’t child friendly art) and after a match a two it reappeared, other switch games usually just hide it but this one reappears for no reason, some of the nsfw artist even use their actual Twitter handle when making these art pieces as well so that just proves how awful they are.

      1. I think that Nintendo should really have one. I also be seeing not kid friendly art and disgusting nsfw art or sayings and it makes me upset and amazed at the gall at these “artist” lol to post these on a kids game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a bunch of perverts honestly -_-. You think with Nintendo always doing or hiding things for “the kids” that they would implement something better to report crude art or drawings :/. Oh well, I just hope that Nintendo does a better job monitoring it in the future or whoever job this is.

        1. I find it honestly so hard to see how these type of people act this way, their always so quick to rush and say “oh my gawd children have seen worse, don’t act like you haven’t seen these body types before quit body shaming” like what’s not ticking this is a kids game for crying out loud lots of kids are going to see this in the plaza, and I hate the stupid body type argument, because all it does it makes them sound super hypocritical they are literally over sexuallizing muscular, fat and big breast people and they want to bring up body positivity to cover themselves up to sound good they need to keep their fetishes on twitter, when will people learn that drawing a character in a sexual undertone in a children’s game specifically made for a younger age demographic will most likely end up with them being in trouble.

      2. Yeah, giving the fact that they know that they will get banned for posting NSFW art in Splatoon 3 if that basically the case for this.

        Smash Bros Ultimate in stage builder also suffer from this as well by users making nsfw builds in the game and some of them got their stage removed by Nintendo and got banned for playing wi-fi because of it.

      3. I think Splatoon 3 does have a report feature; I stumbled upon one after a round of Salmon Run (wasn’t actually trying to report anyone, just fumbling around in the lobby while waiting for another game to start).

        1. Guys I’m aware that Splatoon 3 has one it’s the fact that it doesn’t really work even when I did report them the art work still reappears after playing a couple matches.

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