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Chris Pratt says he has seen the teaser trailer for Mario movie and was blown away

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt

American actor Chris Pratt, who is the voice of Mario in the upcoming Super Mario animated movie, has said on Twitter that he recently got to watch the teaser trailer which is due to debut at the New York Comic Con next month and said that he was blown away when he watched it. He went on to say that he cannot wait for Mario fans to see the trailer for themselves. The Super Mario movie teaser trailer will debut at New York Comic Con on 6th October at 4pm ET and the movie is scheduled to release 7th April, 2023.

10 thoughts on “Chris Pratt says he has seen the teaser trailer for Mario movie and was blown away”

    1. I know right? How stupid do they think we are?

      Just what kind of Mario movie do we expect to have when Illumination is animating (character designs and all) the whole thing (and not Nintendo themselves) and with this bizarre voice cast (not featuring Mario’s actual VA, outside of a small cameo)?

    2. Or he is actually impressed and y’all are just being negative about the movie thinking it’s gonna bomb like how all of you thought the Sonic movie was gonna bomb as well. Also the movie is overseen by Nintendo meaning they have faith. I digress, we’ll see if the trailer is good of if the paid actor is a paid actor.

    1. Chris Pratt is better than the voice actor called Chris Hackney. That means I like star lord better than Dimitri (fire emblem 3 houses).

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