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Original Bayonetta physical edition coming to Switch on 30th September

Nintendo has reminded Bayonetta fans and physical video game collectors that they can purchase the original Bayonetta game boxed for Nintendo Switch on 30th September. Bayonetta’s original adventure was previously only available as a digital purchase via the Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta package where it was redeemable as an in-box code. This will be the first time that a physical edition of the original game has been made available for Nintendo Switch.

4 thoughts on “Original Bayonetta physical edition coming to Switch on 30th September”

  1. Switch Pro is real so says my uncle from Nintendo.

    Are we gonna pretend this scambot don’t exist or is something gonna be done even if temporary?

    1. Agreed. This is why MyNintendoNews needs some sort of Report button on its comment system. Right now you can only report these bots at the Contact page.

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