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Latest EDGE magazine review scores sees Sonic Frontiers get 3/10

The latest edition of EDGE magazine has arrived with subscribers and there’s plenty of game reviews in Issue 379. EDGE is known for being incredibly stringent with its review scores and this issue has some controversial scores to say the least. God of War Ragnarok was awarded 7/10 by the British gaming publication and Sonic Frontiers only managed to get a 3/10. Check out the latest EDGE magazine scores down below:

  • God Of War: Ragnarok – 7
  • Somerville – 7
  • Pentiment – 9
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – 6
  • Gotham Knights – 5
  • The Chant – 6
  • Sonic Frontiers – 3
  • A Little To The Left – 6
  • The Entropy Centre – 5
  • Marvel Snap – 8
  • How To Say Goodbye – 6


Thanks to PaidEnthusiast for sending us the news tip!

9 thoughts on “Latest EDGE magazine review scores sees Sonic Frontiers get 3/10”

  1. Out of curiosity what would they consider a 10/10 if they give games like GoW Ragnarock and Call of Duty a 6 or 7 what would they consider a 10/10. Im not gas lighting or troll flaming, im genuinely asking out of curiosity. I know i can Just Google it and find review scores, and i know a 10/10 isn’t Just something they Just give games without cause. If they give AAA titles a 6 or a 7 then what exactly would they consider a 10/10. I know Edge Magazine is a reliable source and well respected, im Just genuinely asking out of curiosity.
    Im not gas lighting, im questioning it. Hopefully no one Just does a quick Google search and list games with a 10/10 i can do that much. I doubt anyone Just happens to know review scores off the top of they’re head anyhow.

    1. I mean… I just googled it and found a list of games with a 10/10 that originated… literally from this website!

      Quite obviously, it’s mostly games that revolutionized the industry (Dark Souls, Orange Box, Halo) or achieved their goals almost perfectly. GoW and COD do exactly what they’re supposed to do… but don’t go beyond. Super Mario Galaxy or BOTW, which both got 10/10 from Edge, went above what people expected of the franchise. In the list posted back in 2018, I, for one, wasn’t able to find a single game (apart, maybe from Skyward Sword and Rock Band) which didn’t permanently alter the industry or the franchise.

      1. You still exist and post. The Switch is at 114 million and above. I know you are enjoying that news. On top of that, it’s in its 6th year and out sold all home consoles on Black Friday UK. It was the top video game console for amazon Black Friday cyber Monday week; in 2022. As for Sonic I have always said. Never played a great sonic game. They are all average, mediocre and some above average.


  2. I’m going to have to pick this issue up.
    GOW seems harsh. Game is amazing. Sonic will pick up at a later date.
    Gotham is absolutely a 5. Huge let down

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