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WayForward confirms River City Girls 2 coming to west on 15th December

Update: Now confirmed by WayForward on Twitter:

The Nintendo Switch eShop has revealed that the long-awaited sequel to River City Girls, River City Girls 2, from Arc System Works and WayForward is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week. The North American Nintendo eShop page has been updated with a 15th December, 2022 release date. The game launched in Japan recently and WayForward recently said that fans won’t have long to wait until it arrives here in the west. The original River City Girls is available today as a Game Trial for North American Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

“The River City Girls are ready for round 2! When an old foe resurfaces, Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki – joined by newcomers Marian and Provie – hit the streets for an all-new beat-’em-up adventure packed with new abilities, enemies, environments, and more! Team up for local or online co-op, then pound punks into the dirt with brand-new guard-crush attacks, lift-off combos, double-team maneuvers, and other knuckle-busting techniques! Level-up to earn new moves, buy items and accessories in more than 30 shops, and recruit defeated foes and hired heavies to help you on your way! River City is bigger than ever, with more locations to explore, more objects to destroy, and a day-night cycle! With nonlinear gameplay, a dynamic story system, and another epic soundtrack by Megan McDuffee, River City Girls 2 will keep you brawling until all your enemies yell “BARF!”

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6 thoughts on “WayForward confirms River City Girls 2 coming to west on 15th December”

  1. Wayforward and Arc Systems definitely cut it close with the 2022 release window, but I I’m still hyped; this is easily my second most anticipated indie game of 2022, and I am so happy to return to River City 🤩

  2. I was playing the first River City Girls game on Switch about a month ago and got completely stumped. Not too long after the first boss fight, you eventually come across 2 different bus stops (which acts as warps). I didn’t know how to go beyond the 2nd bus stop. I just kept walking back and forth. I finally gave up and still haven’t returned to figure it out.

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