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Capcom reveals more Mega Man Battle Network collection details

Mega Man Battle Network artwork via Capcom

Capcom and Koch Meida have provided more information on the upcoming Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection due in April and the collection is bound to excite fans of the long-running series. The collection not only includes the nine games that make up the whole series but also enhancements and new quality of life features. Features include the collection’s optional high resolution filters, Network Navigators for artwork from the Battle Network franchise, Mystery Data for exclusive illustrations from past games and events along with official licensed goods, and finally a Music Player with over 180 tracks from all ten games. The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection releases on 14th April.


Incoming transmission: Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will upload all 10 Mega Man Battle Network titles, including graphics filters and additional bonus content, to today’s consoles, including Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 (PS4), and PC via Steam in 2023. Available as part of two separate digital volumes, the full list of titles in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection includes:

  • Mega Man™ Battle Network
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 2
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 3 White
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 3 Blue
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 4 Red Sun
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 4 Blue Moon
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 5 Team Protoman
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 5 Team Colonel
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar
  • Mega Man™ Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar

The story of Mega Man Battle Network takes place in the near-future interconnected world of Net Society, which depends upon computer programs known as Network Navigators (or NetNavi for short) to manage everything from their toasters to city power grids. While the networked age brings all manner of convenience, it has also imported a wave of cybercrime eroding all levels of society. In these games, players take on the role of Lan Hikari using their PErsonal Terminal (or PET) and his NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE, to confront the culprits behind these cybercrimes. Players control MegaMan.EXE as he explores the net, engages in grid-based combat, and uses Battle Chips to gain devastating abilities capable of deleting even the most sinister viruses.
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection features optional high resolution filters that allow players to enjoy smoother, less pixelated visuals. Players can turn the filters off/on at any time if they would prefer to enjoy the original visuals of the Battle Network games. Network Navigators will also be able to access over 1,000 pieces of concept art, character sketches, and official illustrations in the collection’s Gallery. The “Mystery Data” section will contain exclusive illustrations from past events and images of licensed goods from this era of Mega Man™ titles. If you’d like to rock out to some tunes while browsing all of the art, the Music Player includes more than 180 tracks from all 10 titles.

Source: Capcom /  Koch Media

4 thoughts on “Capcom reveals more Mega Man Battle Network collection details”

  1. This does not contain the entire Battle Network collection, they refuse to add Mega Man Network Transmission which came out on the gamecube.
    If you’re make a collection at least add all of the games, that was the one game I missed out on and wanted to play.
    Collections today are complete trash compared to the collections released pre 8th gen, look at the quality and quantity of games added to capcom, Nintendo ect collections up to 8th gen and compare them to the quality of collections we get 9th and tenth gen, majority of the times you’d be lucky to get 3 games at most and when they do give you a so called “collection” there always seems to be that one to multiple games missing for no reason, just look at those sad excuses of konami collections recently released, I mean why the hell was two best contra games, Hardcorp Uprising and Contra Rebirth, missing from that collection or how about Castlevania collection missing the DS games like Dawn of Sorrow, Order of Ecclesia, and Portrait of Ruin.
    I’m glad companies are at least going back to releasing collections but they could at least do, at the bare minimum, as good a job as they used to back in the ps2 and gamecube era.

    1. Your “beloved era” fails to include mega man & bass on the original legacy collection, as well as all of the game boy classic and X games. Idk who you’re preaching to but at least get the facts right firsf

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