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Rune Factory chief director confirms Rune Factory 6 isn’t being developed right now

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Shiro Maekawa, who is the Rune Factory series chief director, has spoken to Japanese gaming site 4Gamer about the new Rune Factory game which they are currently working on, which isn’t a numbered title. He also mentioned that the team will eventually make Rune Factory 6, but it is not in development right now. Mr. Maekawa explained to the site that the new Rune Factory game, which has already been confirmed, will centre on “protecting the three pillars of the Rune Factory series: ‘adventure’, ‘life’, and ‘love’.” and though it will be a new game, it will not abandon those core series principals. The team are currently developing Rune Factory 3 Special and this new game.

Why at this time are you making, although perhaps not a ‘spin-off’, at least a game not part of the numbered series?

There’s thoughts of “It’s about time we need to make some huge leaps forward in the series.” We have touched on it before, but the Rune Factory really refined its formula with the third entry. In actuality since then games have generally used Rune Factory 3 as a base, but in order for players to experience a new adventure in the next numbered games, we can’t simply continue with that.

Rune Factory 3 is now 13 years old, and including that game, there have been 3 since. Thinking of it like that, it would be hard to create something new by simply continuing on.

Exactly! Of course we do plan to develop Rune Factory 6 in the future, but for that to happen we will need to reconsider the games so far and think about what big changes need to be made. Having said that, if we completely change the numbered series, everyone may be a little confused. At some point we will have to face that new challenge, but for now, at this time we are working on a non-numbered title.

I know you’ve really just started work on the game, but at this time can you tell us anything about the game systems or the new world?

At this stage, we really are at a point of ‘Let’s go with this kind of feeling’, so there really is very little to talk about. Simply, we will be protecting the three pillars of the Rune Factory series: ‘adventure’, ‘life’, and ‘love’. We are making something new without changing those!

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  1. Cant say im supprise after how disapointing RF5 was. They delay the game in the west to rewrite characters into been gay and never bothered to fix the bugs. Force woke a already release game backfire.

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