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Sonic Frontiers producer looking to do away with boost button in next 3D Sonic game

Sonic Frontiers has been a triumph for the Sonic Team. While Sonic’s latest 3D game isn’t perfect, journalists seemed to be in agreement that it sets a good base for the next adventure from Sonic Team. Sonic Frontier’s producer, Morio Kishimoto, has been chatting with fans on Twitter and says that he would like to do away with boosting in the next game and points towards the classic Sonic Adventure series as a game which didn’t need a boost button to traverse the levels. He said that he understands that boosting has its benefits, but he would like to create levels which can be accomplished without a boost button. Here’s a translation of his tweets.

“When I started working on this game, I was very worried about whether boost was possible or not, and decided to adopt it. I am still thinking that for the next game, I would like to try a Sonic game without boost.
My favorite giant bosses are the first and second ones.”

“Of course, we understand the benefits of boost. I will both coexist and experiment with boost and spin dash, so don’t worry. However, I also have a desire to try a level design without boost, like the ADV series. After all, the ADV series is legendary😅.”


20 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers producer looking to do away with boost button in next 3D Sonic game”

  1. Looks like to me that he finally realized now that the boost formula is not really a option for any 3D Sonic game. The boost formula can still be a thing, but how exactly will the next game adapt to the next Sonic Adventure series. How exactly?

  2. Good, bring the Spin Dash back, because I’m not feeling the Cyloop as the future of Sonic.

    Sonic is NOT Breath of the Wild. Exploring desolate and cryptic lands for mysteries, while STILL shoving in nostalgia (and meta references) last seen in the past couple of games. GHZ isn’t nostalgic if Sonic Forces just did it a couple of years ago (it’s now just generic World 1-1), same goes for half the race tracks in TSR.

    But if people still want the boost, give it to Super Sonic (outside of final boss battles). As someone who’s had a longtime disdain for the boost, this idea popped in my head a few days ago, and could appeal to both sides.

    1. I agree with everything you just said, except I wasn’t bothered by the nostalgia pandering in the cutscenes: I think they were necessary in order to reestablish the characters’ roots (and attempt to undo everything P and G did in tot 2010s

  3. As an Adventure Era fan, I would love to see Sonic eschew the Boost formula and go back to momentum based gameplay: Sonic Team has the pre-established formula, they just need to go back to it and work out any kinks

  4. Christopher William Aurand

    I’ve been a Sonic fan since the beginning, this game was great for a 3D open whorld it was put together very well, as for the boost I liked it, no way you could get a S rating in the cyber levels without it, and I could get away from any enemy and come back with an attack, it kind of reminded of what the power ring did in that cartoon series a long time ago.

  5. Like the others have said I really hope this means we’ll see Sonic gameplay that feels like the ones we had in the Adventure games. It felt natural controlling Sonic in those games while boost Sonic never did, and I’ll never understand the praise that it had since Unleashed.

    1. Unleashed was ok and it did really well but Forces was really messing due to the tech problems and other few issues around the game. If Sonic Team can do another Sonic Adventure game again like Sonic Adventure 1 or Unleashed then maybe there is a small chance that the franchise will be back to it’s roots.

  6. Omar Khaled Elmosrati

    That’s a shame. Besides Forces, the boost games were 3d Sonic’s best. Hope they find a way to include it somehow.

  7. The source links to his koshimoto’s twitter that hasn’t tweeted since chrismas. Is there something missing or is this just a prank?

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