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Don’t forget to claim Sonic Adventure 2 DLC item for Sonic Frontiers as offer ends this week

If you own Sonic Frontiers and have yet to claim the special Sonic Adventure 2 themed shoes then time is running short as the promotion will disappear for good next week. The only way to get the snazzy shoes is to sign up to the Sonic the Hedgehog newsletter by entering your email. You will then eventually receive a code to redeem the shoes on your chosen hardware of choice. Again, it should be noted that at present there are no plans for the Sonic Adventure 2 shoes to come back into rotation, so best to claim them asap.

6 thoughts on “Don’t forget to claim Sonic Adventure 2 DLC item for Sonic Frontiers as offer ends this week”

  1. How can you claim the crossover collaboration dlc between Sonic Frontiers and Monster Hunter Rise? I’ve seen a few players with custom armor sets for their Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise. Im curious because im talking about the collaboration dlc for Sonic Frontiers being available for Monster Hunter Rise on PSN.
    I know this is a Nintendo fourm, but i didn’t even think the Sonic Frontier collaboration dlc was available on PSN not yet anyhow, considering MHR just released Friday on PSN. I’ve seen the custom Palamute armor for Tails a few times playing online.

    1. Pretty sure you can just log in to the PS Store and download it directly from there. Just be mindful that if you get it while the game is launched/playing, it probably won’t show up until you close the game and restart it.

    2. I had issues getting the Sonic Adventure 2 shoes on PS5. I redeemed the code, but the content just wouldn’t show up in the game menu labeled “extras” on the game’s main menu. I found out on Twitter that you need to press start on the game tile then go to manage game and they are listed, but they haven’t downloaded, so you just need to manually download the individual item.

      1. This worked, i didn’t know you can just look under the mange game tab and download additional content on PS5. I also downloaded Neptunia Sister vs Sister when it became available for pre-load, however the additional content wouldn’t download it kept given me a notification saying “Something went wrong” Even after i re downloaded the game multiple times. Finally managed to get the additional content downloaded.

        MHR has additional content available in the PS Store but i haven’t seen the Sonic collaboration dlc.

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