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Nintendo of Canada General Manager apologizes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet performance issues

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games

It is an understatement to say that the performance of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet didn’t sit well with quite a few Nintendo fans. Sadly, the launch of the newest generation of Pokemon games was plagued with various performance issues.

Not everyone experienced the issues, but enough people did to the point that Nintendo was eventually forced to address the problem with a few updates to try to sort out the issues. Things have quieted down in the few months since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release, but that doesn’t mean the topic has been forgotten completely.

For example, the Financial Post recently did an interview with Nintendo of Canada general manager Susan Pennefather. During the interview, Pennefather is asked about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet issues are mentioned. In response, she said that “we absolutely apologize. Because it is so important to give players a positive experience with our games, and when this doesn’t happen we do take it very much to heart. What I can say is the feedback from players has absolutely been taken very seriously. And we are working on improvements to these games”.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo of Canada General Manager apologizes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet performance issues”

  1. It’s simple, Game Freak had to meet a deadline, they obviously didn’t have much time, things got rushed and left. This game needed another year in my opinion, it was released to soon after legends Arceus, and this alone didn’t make sense. Hopefully they will take an extra year on the next title as this wasn’t nearly good enough.

    1. Deadline plus they wanted to the games to be released before the anime. I know everyone and their mom claims the glitches are worse than CoD and Battlefield combined, fun fact, they ain’t, in fact the amount of glitches the games have are a fraction of the amount of glitches CoD and Battlefield have combined. It’s also the first time since gen 1 to have a bunch of glitches.

      1. it’s not just the glitches, plenty of art assets in the game are absolutely abysmal. the quality (or lack thereof) of tiling textures, to mesh assets for certain buildings and elements that feel like placeholders. overall materials in the game are notably far worse than Arceus.

    2. It didn’t help that fans were like ‘OMG November??? That’s soooo far away!’ When they first announced S/V.

      Pokemon fans in general, have become such impatient brats today, that the game devs have no say in the matter anymore.

      1. Just because youtubers make complaints, suggestions, comments on pokemon scarlet and violet or there being censored doesn’t mean there say is bad. If people who listen to these youtubers want to speculate, or guess or complain or suggest they have the free speech to do so. Why you against youtubers suggesting how they feel about the game?

  2. It’s okay, just don’t let it happen again! Only technical difficulty i experienced was the game hardlocked on the main menu when it says “Press A to continue” The only trouble shooting technique that seemed to fix it was Power Cycling. I also had a glitch in specific towns when i couldn’t move the character or open any menu. Then the game would hard reset and i got a notification asking me if i wanted to report the issue to a 3rd party.

  3. I had no issues at all in violet, but who knows maybe depends on how people play or how much time they use the switch

  4. The main problem is that the game is just ugly and runs terribly. It’s not glitches. I got to the crater and hard quit. Told myself I’d be back when they patch the performance.

    1. I honestly only experience the frame drops, and 2 game crashes. No bugs, glitches, or anything else. I know they’re out there’s I’ve seen the videos, but I personally didn’t get any of them. Maybe I was just extremely lucky.

      1. This is exactly what I’m talking about. You had the game crash and frame rate drops and you consider yourself extremely lucky.

  5. It be nice if they also added more legendary pokemon very similar to pokemon sword and shield and there dlcs. Gamefreak Nintendo needs to stop thinking of themselves. But this is a step in the right direction acknowledging one issue but the other still needs to be addressed. Like more legendary pokemon, shiny pokedex challenge very similar to regular pokedex challenge and for google to stop censoring people’s comments on these comments.

  6. The thing is GameFreak Nintendo refused to even listen to there customers when we kept pleading all these issues. You may have fixed 1 issue. But there are still others like there is a lack of legendary pokemon in the game like from 1st generation Pokemon Yellow to pokemon sword and shield generation. The point is Google has censored many comments of this on the internet. We feel the truth is not being told to you GameFreak Nintendo. Customers,players, all people across the world need a new dlc, they need more legendary pokemon, they need more paradox future pokemon like iron hands since you guys introduced it, many youtubers also questioned GameFreak/Nintendo about lack of legendary pokemon, will there be more new paradox future pokemon, will it be like pokemon legends arceus just having no dlc and ending it in another poor game. I seen youtubers many questioned the next series of pokemon/legendaries etc. We hope for answers not waits as it not right for Game Freak to follow the wrongs of corrupt world leaders if there telling you not to care for your customers or these governments telling you privately to ignore us. Pokemon company in the earlier years always used to deliver the right things. People are losing faith at your company ever since poor release of pokemon legends arceus, brilliant diamond and shining pearl with no dlcs added. Yes pokemon sword and shield were really good I agree. But me and many players hope you won’t make same mistake and put no dlc on pokemkn Scarlet and violet. There needs to be a dlc with new legendaries, new paradox future pokemon etc. There also needs to be more new pokemon mystery gifts we keep getting items and the only pokemon we received from pokemon scarlet and violet was a tera raid pikachu that knows flying type move. Seriously you can do better then that Game Freak/Nintendo. You guys used to give better pokemon rewards why does it feel your cutting back on that because of what the government did that there controlling you. Your your own person don’t let governments control what needs to be cut back or cut out in games. That eliminates the freedom of the individual. Pokemon I expected better they knew that. Not to let governments control them. Freedom = having fun, being free, enjoying your life and having humility to accept your mistakes. You accepted 1 mistake can you accept the rest of your mistakes and own up to them and fix them pokemon/Game Freak. Google has censored many comments and it’s a shame they promote censorship instead of free will for customers/players to speak out and say we enjoy pokemon. But Game freak should know better to not let the Government officials bully you. It’s not all about money its also about making customers happy otherwise customers/players will make there own pokemon rom hacks/modded games like pokemon Blaze Black, Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of spirit, pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of fire, Pokemon Ashs Journey etc. There are many creators of pokemon and they need recognized for there hard skills. I recognize them and so should you. It be nice you bring back Megaman StarForce 4 and Megaman Battle Network 7 too. Because there is a creator who is making Megaman Battle Network game and its called Megaman Battle Network Chronos X and I must say there doing an amazing job, with amazing story something Nintendo/Game Freak should have never fired Capcom in making those Battle network and starforce games. Please also bring back Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Otherwise I will play the modified versions of these pokemon,megaman games that are much better then your games since you refused to listen to your fans GameFreak/Nintendo. I am not just talking about 1 I am talking about many that are beign censored by the governments of preventing there voices form being heard.

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