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Nintendo reveals updated sales figures for all-time best-selling Switch games

Switch games

Nintendo has released its latest financial results and have provided updated sales figures for its best-selling Nintendo Switch games. The best-selling Nintendo Switch game remains the unstoppable Mario Kart 8: Deluxe with sales at 52 million copies sold. The next best-selling Nintendo Switch game is the charming Animal Crossing: New Horizons at 41.59 million copies sold. Nintendo also revealed updated sales figures for some of its newer games such as Splatoon 3 which is at 10.14 million copies sold and Bayonetta 3 at 1.04 million copies sold. All sales figures provided are correct as of 31st December, 2022.

Best-selling Nintendo Switch games as of 31st December, 2022

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 52.00M
  2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 41.59M
  3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 30.44M
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 29.00M
  5. Pokemon Sword & Shield: 25.68M
  6. Super Mario Odyssey: 25.12M
  7. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 20.61M
  8. Super Mario Party: 18.79M
  9. Ring Fit Adventure: 15.22M
  10. Pokemon Let’s GO: 15.07M

Updated Nintendo Switch game sales as of 31st December, 2022

  • Pokémon Legends Arceus: 14.63M
  • Splatoon 3: 10.14M
  • Nintendo Switch Sports: 8.61M
  • Kirby & The Forgotten Land: 6.12M
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: 1.82M
  • Bayonetta 3: 1.04M


23 thoughts on “Nintendo reveals updated sales figures for all-time best-selling Switch games”

  1. Only intresting games for me are Mario Kart (wich is a wii u port) , Zelda , Pokemon , Mario Odyssey , and Xenoblade. This is even worse than the Wii and Wii U. What happend to the best consoles from the 90s? Metroid Dread isn’t on the list that one is nice though altough not worth the price tag since its the same as 30 years ago and you clear it 100% in 8.5 hours.

      1. +dannybogard
        He’s been on a number of pages going on about how the 90’s were “The Golden Age of Nintendo” only he then presents flimsy arguments or flat out lies.

    1. Your point is moot, Metroid has never been a juggernaut in sales, neither was Zelda until Breath of the wild. With the Switch I have a feeling Metroid prime 4 might just sell amazing numbers. Also this is way better than any system on the video game 🎮 front ever. They fact that Mario ( the mascot of all video games ), Zelda and Pokémon are blazing the trail world wide is what we have always needed. Tell me of any PlayStation, sega, Atari lynx, neogeo, Panasonic 3DO, etc. that are more relevant than Nintendo’s IPs. Nintendo is the standard bearer. The ones you go to when the industry needs saving.


    2. The only thing 100% in this comment is how it reeks of lies. Absolutely no way can someone 100% Metroid Dread in 8.5 Hours.

      1. I cleared Metroid Dread over 5,5 or 6,5 hours and 100% it in 8.5 hours yes? I think I know or where you sitting next to me? You do now speed runners clearit in 50 minutes or so right? Maby because I played the original games over 20 times in a life time? You do know there are various websites that note how long it takes to clear a game and they all say on avarage it is done in 10 hours right?

        To me and pretty much everyone around me the Nes and Snes had far better library’s and people around me have owned every Nintendo console in existence , I was done after the WII but have played all the major titles true friends.

        Also perhaps you should compare the list Djon57 posted below here and compare it to any top 100 Snes list and still try to say with a straight face that it wasn’t better back than. (also look up the ratings while your at it)

        Are most of you people even old enough to know though?

        I own the Gameboy , Gameboy Color , Gameboy Advanced , Nintendo DS , Nintendo 3ds , Nes , Snes , N64 , Gamecube , Wii with every major title ever released and many many more games how much experience do you guys have with Nintendo?

        @ Sir Isaac Newton why bring up other company’s , I never did in any topic? Also for both of you i’m not the only person making these kind of claims that the old days offered better library’s , first party is lacking and so on. The entire internet is filled with video’s and threads where people expres the same frustrations , all you trolls do is come up with sales numbers wich mean jack shit. The Avatar movies make tons of money doesn’t mean there better than movies like God Father , Lord of The Rings , Pulp Fiction just to name a few.

        Anyway I see this website still has the same childish people as 10 years ago that can’t take any criticism towards Nintendo , or have a mature discussion about it ;)

        1. “I cleared Metroid Dread over 5,5 or 6,5 hours and 100% it in 8.5 hours yes?”

          No, you did not, I don’t need to sit next to you to know just how ridiculous that is”. If I said to you I cleared the whole of Super Mario Bros in 1 minute from start to finish, you would rightfully call me a liar because that’s clearly nonsense and you do not need to be sitting next to me to know that.

          “You do now speed runners clearit in 50 minutes or so right?”

          Given how that’s a totally different area, I don’t see how that’s relevent to 100% the game.

          “Are most of you people even old enough to know though?”

          Aside from the fact this question is stupid, I’m actually 35 and grew up with Nintendo and I can say I think their newer games are way better than anything from the 90’s. Granted you are allowed to have the opinion that the 80’s and 90’s are better but the way you go about it is in a factual way.

          “I own the Gameboy , Gameboy Color , Gameboy Advanced , Nintendo DS , Nintendo 3ds , Nes , Snes , N64 , Gamecube , Wii with every major title ever released and many many more games how much experience do you guys have with Nintendo?”

          Yeah…same here buddy.

          “Anyway I see this website still has the same childish people as 10 years ago that can’t take any criticism towards Nintendo , or have a mature discussion about it ;)”

          For the record; I’m very critical about Nintendo. Their online service is very lacking, Joycon Drift is a problem they need to do better with, and their treatment for fan games is frankly horrible.

          And…I saved the best for last…

          “Also perhaps you should compare the list Djon57 posted below here and compare it to any top 100 Snes list and still try to say with a straight face that it wasn’t better back than. (also look up the ratings while your at it)”

          “all you trolls do is come up with sales numbers wich mean jack shit.”

          1. Well I did clear Metroid Dread that fast and at 100% I do look up things in video’s or maps if i’m stuck for a min so perhaps that changes your perspective.

            I’m 37 so pretty much same there ;)

            When I look at the list below here I prefer games like Final Fantasy 6 , Chronotrigger , Mega Man , Street Fighter , Ghouls and Ghosts , Double Dragon , Killer instinct , Mortal Kombat , Secret of Mana , Donkey Kong Country , Turtles , Castlevania just to name a bunch over Ring fit , Mario Party part 299 , Splatoon , Switch Sports , Captain toad , Arms ect.

            I do love Mario , Zelda , Pokemon altough they pump out loads and loads of Mario stuff , Pokemon hasn’t evolved enough in my opinion , we already spoke about a open World online version in 2005 and Zelda breath of the Wild has modernized ill give it that but coming from a huge Zelda fan (it has been my nr1 franchise since the first part in 1989 ,got books , merch , tattoo) I think its overrated. First of all Nintendo got late to the party with the open world thing , Ps3 and the xbox gen whatever it was already had these type of games and it could have been done when Skyward Sword was released. Also other games have far better story’s (the only argument against this is that Zelda is about exploring like the old days) , better and bigger quest systems (this game has a couple of npc’s fetch me a horse and done for example) and just better build worlds and systems overal (see Genshin impact for example a game that runs on mobile phones)

            I think unlike Mario and Zelda allot of there franchises haven’t modernized , DK tropical freeze for example to me is just another Donkey Kong Country. One argument against that is that all there franchises will turn out like modern Mario 3d games. And there not utilizing there franchises like Star Fox just to name one , let alone come up with new characters on the same level as Mario , Zelda , Samus , DK , Fox ect. unless you really want to count Splatoon and Animal Crossing on the same level as those characters.

            As for your last point i’m not talking sales numbers just that the snes has a better library wich is supported by numbers. Unless you want to claim that Chrono Trigger for example is a worse game than most of the list below here.

            Lastly again cause this is getting completly ignored , you can’t deny that there are allot of people out there who have the same issues with Nintendo as me. I’m not saying anything new I have been saying these kind of things on this website since the WII , there are tons and tons of video’s on this matter on youtube , same on Reddit and many other forums. The awnsers always boil down to , Nintendo now targets a different market , Nintendo is no longer for you guys , Nintendo is doing amazing cause the Wii and the Switch sell so well completly ignoring if it has 5 really amazing games or 50 or what other platforms have to offer.

            Also if Nintendo is so amazing as everyone claims , wich I aswell think they are , why not make a console that gets full support and when I say full I mean full with the exception of games like God of War , Halo that are exclusive + Nintendo games. The Switch is more expansive than last gen consoles where at the time , same for its games atleast here in europe. So people will still buy it for its Nintendo games , you sell more third party games and you get more players in + get people like me back who wan’t to play a Nintendo but hate missing out on loads of other games.

            Since you wanna talk numbers , 1 month ago or so I was looking at 2 lists that show hardware and software sales of every console ever released me and a friend mainly focused on Nintendo vs Sony and Sony consoles sell twice the amount of software each gen , and sold far more consoles than every Nintendo home console combined.

            This is a market that Nintendo used to own trough third party support. Now I know the Gamecube was a huge let down for Nintendo (eventhough it had a strong library) so they decided to leave that market but come on. The Ps4 got sold for 250 bucks back in the days over here and Switch 375 so it can easily be done to make affordable console with full support.

            Anyway you can agree or not , this is my opinion on Nintendo , I think they can do even better , allot of people around me grew up on them and agree aswell and in my opinion looking around the internet you can’t just rub this under the carpet and say we are all stupid and nothing is wrong or they can’t do any better for a bigger market. Theme parks we already spoke about 18 years ago , animated movies , more merchandise ect. Full Funko Pop support. Sometimes it just feels like there old japanese man who are too stuck in there old ways (see online system that you mentions for example).

            Have nice day ;)

            1. I have to ask; What exactly do you mean when you say you 100% Metroid Dread? Do you mean you beat the game with all power-ups and boosts or literally everything including the pictures? Cause for me 100% is when every last thing is done and you got nothing left.

              1. the game and powerups , i’m fairly sure at the start screen that gives you 100% also as far as I remember I haven’t used a real map to find all the powerups cause it tells you ingame if you miss something in a room , I might have checked a few video’s for really hard to find ones.

                1. Whenever someone tells me “100%” I think they mean everything including the multiple pictures you get at the end which requires multiple playthroughs.
                  But alright, I’ll let you have that 1, I still disagree on the rest though.

      2. I hate to agree with that guy, but you absolutely can 100% the game in that amount of time. My first playthrough was about 15 hours to 100% it (and I really took my time with it because I’m a huge metroid nerd). Second time was about 8:45. I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable to think some people could do that on their first playthrough without any guidance. Still a great game though. And just for fun, the current 100% speedrun record is 1:36.

        1. It’s a great game but 60 bucks is allot for a game thats basicly the same as in the 90s and for that amount of time.

          These days you buy pretty much every game for 20 if you wait awhile and you often get 40-100+ hours of fun. or even free to play 7 days a week all year round. I believe it also got critized for this in reviews.

          Hollow Knight does the same but better in my opinion more modern and many more hours and thats a indie game correct me if i’m wrong. The last Metroid Prime was 2007 so thats a long time in my opinion.

          That asside Dread is a really fun game I love the Metroidvenia style. These are just some examples where I think Nintendo could do better when looking at other companies and games. People don’t have to agree I just like to set the bar a bit higher cause I love Nintendo and want them to be the best.

          After the Wii I was done beeing dissapointed and Switched to Playstation cause it offers what the Nes and the Snes did just withouth Mario , Zelda , Metroid , Star Fox ect. and I don’t feel like buying 2 consoles just to own 5-10 extra games.

  2. # Date NINTENDO SWITCH M. Units %
    1 07/02 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 52 42,43%
    2 07/02 Animal Crossing: New Horizons 41,59 33,94%
    3 07/02 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 30,44 24,84%
    4 07/02 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 29 23,66%
    5 07/02 Pokémon Sword/Pokémon Shield 25,68 20,95%
    6 07/02 Super Mario Odyssey 25,12 20,50%
    7 07/02 Pokémon Scarlet/Pokémon Violet 20,61 16,82%
    8 07/02 Super Mario Party 18,79 15,33%
    9 07/02 Ring Fit Adventure 15,22 12,42%
    10 07/02 Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/ Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! 15,07 12,30%
    11 08/11 Pokémon Brilliant Diamond / Pokémon Shining Pearl 14,92 12,17%
    12 07/02 New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 14,75 12,04%
    13 07/02 Pokémon Legends: Arceus 14,63 11,94%
    14 10/05 Splatoon 2 13,3 10,85%
    15 07/02 Luigi’s Mansion 3 12,44 10,15%
    16 07/02 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury 10,82 8,83%
    17 07/02 Splatoon 3 10,13 8,27%
    18 07/02 Mario Party Superstars 9,38 7,65%
    19 Q4 2021 Super Mario 3D All-Stars 9,07 7,40%
    20 07/02 Nintendo Switch Sports 8,61 7,03%
    21 Q4 2021 Super Mario Maker 2 7,89 6,44%
    22 07/02 Kirby and the Forgotten Land 6,12 4,99%
    23 Q4 2021 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 6,08 4,96%
    24 Q4 2021 Mario Tennis Aces 4,28 3,49%
    25 10/05 Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics 4,22 3,44%
    26 Q4 2021 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 4,12 3,36%
    27 Q4 2021 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity 4 3,26%
    28 Q4 2021 Kirby Star Allies 3,98 3,25%
    29 10/05 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD 3,91 3,19%
    30 Q4 2021 Fire Emblem Three Houses 3,82 3,12%
    31 Q4 2021 1-2 Switch 3,63 2,96%
    32 Q4 2021 Paper Mario: The Origami King 3,34 2,73%
    33 Q4 2021 Yoshi’s Crafted World 3,01 2,46%
    34 10/05 Metroid Dread 2,9 2,37%
    35 Q4 2021 Arms 2,66 2,17%
    36 07/02 Mario Strikers: Battle League 2,47 2,02%
    37 Q4 2021 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2,44 1,99%
    38 10/05 New Pokémon Snap 2,4 1,96%
    39 10/05 Mario Golf: Super Rush 2,35 1,92%
    40 Q4 2021 Pikmin 3 Deluxe 2,23 1,82%
    41 Q4 2021 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 2,13 1,74%
    42 Q4 2020 Octopath Traveler 1,9 1,55%
    43 Q4 2021 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX 1,89 1,54%
    44 07/02 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 1,81 1,48%
    45 Q2 2020 Pokkén Tournament DX 1,8 1,47%
    46 10/05 Miitopia 1,68 1,37%
    47 Q4 2021 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition 1,68 1,37%
    48 10/05 Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain 1,59 1,30%
    49 Q4 2021 Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit 1,58 1,29%
    50 Q4 2021 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 1,5 1,22%
    51 Q4 2020 Nintendo Labo 01: Variety Kit 1,42 1,16%
    52 Q4 2021 Astral Chain 1,28 1,04%
    53 10/05 WarioWare: Get It Together! 1,27 1,04%
    54 Q4 2021 Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Switch 1,2 0,98%
    55 10/05 Game Builder Garage 1,06 0,86%
    56 07/02 Bayonetta 3 1,04 0,85%
    57 Q4 2021 Bayonetta 2 1,04 0,85%
    58 Q3 2022 Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes 1 0,82%
    59 Q1 2018 Fire Emblem Warriors 1 0,82%

  3. Zak Patat you are absolutely correct about , well, all your points. I fully agree. There are just a bunch of baby trolls here who want to argue about everything

    1. Thats why I stopped commenting on this website , I was already here during the WII and they did they same and there where allot more people than these days.

      Fun thing is I own and played more Nintendo consoles and games than pretty much all of them and they called me a Sony fan boy haha. Don’t know everyone’s age but most are very inmature about it and aren’t capable of criticizing Nintendo , not much has changed.

      Nintendo used to be for Gamers than they made some bad choices and all third party left and they had huge succes with the Wii so thats the way they went. People keep talking sold consoles but forget every mom , child , girl , bar owner , cafe bought one but those are mostly casuals that liked Wii golf and that kind of stuff. Allot of people just want to play GTA , Call of Duty , Street Fighter , Elden Ring ect. aka the Castlevania , Mega Man , Double Dragon ect. of our time with Nintendo titles. The day they get full support again ill be the first to buy one like I used to do as a kid , until than i’m done getting dissapointed and buying mediocre games just to have more than 10 games on my console.

      1. Hi Zak, well I’m 39 😁 I understand what you mean by better games in the past. The most stupid thing Nintendo do did was let Rare flutter away. They could have done something at the time, but they didn’t, and I can see now that they largely regret it, and so does the rest of the gaming community. But there is now renewed hope that these classic rare titles will come back. They won’t be made by the same people, but made lovingly again by new people hopefully. I always and still think Nintendo ruined Mario the day they created Mario 64, removing everything that was great about the franchise and replacing it with a simple wing, complete lunacy, if it wasn’t for Mario fever at the time, it would never have sold.

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