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Nintendo Switch family has sold 122.55 million units worldwide, surpassing PS4

nintendo switch family of systems

Nintendo has shared their recent financial results and has revealed that the Nintendo Switch family of systems have now shifted over 122.55 million units as of 31st December, 2022. This means that Nintendo’s current platform has now outsold Sony’s lucrative PlayStation 4 console. There are only two platforms ahead of the Nintendo Switch family and they are the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2. The Nintendo Switch family is now 5 million units ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 30 million units behind the PlayStation 2 console. Total Nintendo DS sales are at 154.02 million and PlayStation 2 sales stand at 155 million.


5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch family has sold 122.55 million units worldwide, surpassing PS4”

  1. Super Mario bros. 4 in November, super Mario galaxy 3 in the spring of 2024 would get the Switch to 160 million sold easily. This is the type of video gaming 🎮 we have always wanted.


  2. I really hope Nintendo Switch can outsell the PS2. It’s well on its way, they just need to make great Exclusives. The Next Pokémon game needs to be a KO, the newest games disappointed many, and Paper Mario, as much as I adore the series, isn’t like the first two games in the popular RPG series. Nintendo practically has limitless IPs, so I know they can release games from franchises that we haven’t seen in awhile that’ll help reach their goal.

  3. Nearly six years in and it hasn’t even had a price cut yet. It’s about 35 million behind PS2, curious to see how this pans out by the time it’s retired!

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