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Nintendo shares plunged 7.5% after trimming its profit forecast

Mario as part of Nintendo Pictures

Shares in Nintendo and other notable businesses have fallen due to slightly disappointing financial results and the continued global chip shortage which is causing problems for companies worldwide. Shares in Nintendo have dropped by 7.5% after the Kyoto-based company announced that a firmer yen has forced it to trim its full-year profit forecast. The company’s share price could either go up or drop down further depending on the Nintendo Direct presentation which takes place this evening.


5 thoughts on “Nintendo shares plunged 7.5% after trimming its profit forecast”

  1. Unfortunately I’m not at all surprised. So far this year has not been great for great for Nintendo, in terms of first party software and the hardware front is massive red herring for hard core investors.

  2. Honestly, Nintendo can easily bounce back from this as loads of companies go through a Share Dive during a dry spell in the catelogue.

    Also, I think Nintendo wants to get Metroid Prime 4, LoZ Tears of the Kingdom, Advance Wars Rearmed and Pikmin 4 ready and out for this year because I predict that by March 2024, we will be seeing signs of their Next Generation System.

    I predict the next system might just be either like the 3DS were it’s a new Nintendo Switch but with more horsepower and possible DLSS 2.0 support as I don’t see Nvidia wanting to lose favour with Nintendo. Likely, it’ll also be a Hybrid Console with some new gimmick like maybe new Joy Cons with some crazy haptic thumb sticks or something like that

  3. Oh! Nintendo is shaking saying “ shiver me Timbers.” Sarcasm on front load lol. They will bounce back, that all starts today after the Nintendo direct. Now let’s buy shares guys.


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