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Eastward DLC has appeared on SteamDB

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The well-received indie adventure game Eastward appears to be getting additional downloadable content fairly soon as the previously unannounced Eastward Octopia DLC has now been listed on SteamDB. Eastward launched to good reviews in 2021 and has yet to receive any downloadable content. Perhaps the DLC announcement will be shared in the Nintendo Direct presentation this evening? As always we will have to wait and see what transpires.


2 thoughts on “Eastward DLC has appeared on SteamDB”

  1. This ended up being such a disappointing game.

    Very pretty. Great music. But the gameplay and story was just… it just didn’t work. It was suffering from an identity crisis imo

    1. Personally, I didn’t feel that way at all. While the gameplay sections did feel a bit slow and long, and while I do think the ending felt a bit messy and confusing in the story department, I think the journey itself was absolutely great and memorable. Cool characters, memorable locations, a few very unsettling plot moments etc. IMO the game was totally worth a playthrough just for that alone. Of course the nice graphics and catchy soundtrack just add on top of that.

      I’d totally be down for DLC!

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