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Splatoon 3 Expansion Pack announced, Wave 1 coming in spring

The new Splatoon 3 expansion pass

Nintendo has announced something in today’s Nintendo Direct that isn’t surprising to many fans. The company announced an Expansion Pack for Splatooon 3. It is quite a blast to the past, with Inkopolis and the Squid Sisters coming in the first wave. Wave #1, in fact, is called Inkopolis.

Nintendo confirmed that the first wave would be coming this spring, and teased a future release of Wave 2, which is called Side Order. You can see the announcement tweet about the matter down below.

3 thoughts on “Splatoon 3 Expansion Pack announced, Wave 1 coming in spring”

  1. I’m not gonna lie; This feels incomplete, it just comes off like a reskin for the main area. If this was just a bonus for Wave 1 on top of actual gameplay content then fair enough but as it is, it feels so underwhelming.
    My guess is Wave 2 is gonna be something far more substancial that makes up for the asking price.

  2. I mean realistically if they just said getting Inkopolis was a preorder bonus for getting the Side Order DLC nobody would’ve batted an eye, but calling them waves instead I think has people too hung up on the first one being effectively a plaza skin swap. But who knows, it’s still a ways off from us getting it, so there could be more to wave 1 than meets the eye.

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