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Fatal Frame producer says if the interest is there then more Fatal Frame games could come

logo for the Fatal Frame remake on Switch

The remaster of the Wii survival horror game, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, is nearing closer to release as it finally makes it mark here in the west on 9th March. In a new interview, Fatal Frame producer, Yutaka Fukaya, was asked whether the team is planning a brand new Fatal Frame game. Mr. Fukaya said that if it is clear that the interest is there for the multi-format release of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, then a new entry could enter development at Koei Tecmo. Mr. Fukaya closed the interview by saying that he hopes fans enjoy the suspenseful game and that they in turn help spread the word about the Fatal Frame series.

“We can’t make any definite promises here, but if from the release of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse we find that many players are looking forward to more from the series, we may be able to meet that interest. We hope everyone will pick up and enjoy this game and join us in getting everyone excited about the Fatal Frame series!”

Fatal Frame producer, Yutaka Fukaya


3 thoughts on “Fatal Frame producer says if the interest is there then more Fatal Frame games could come”

  1. “If the Interest is there.”

    Yes, It Is

    I will straight up buy the entire remastered series On my switch and PC if the Original 3 get remastered too and I would Welcome a return to the series. Maiden of Blackwater may not have been a very strong entry (Even though I enjoyed it greatly don’t get me wrong I damn love this series)

    But if some love and care was really put into a new entry and it was like the first 3 of them (Basing this on having not played the 4th game Yet because it never saw Western light of day) It could be renewed and made popular, the horror genre of games is getting way more attention lately but if you add the genius storytelling like the first 3 entries had I’m sure it would get popular quickly.

    As long as it doesn’t rely on what’s popular in horror games now and focuses on being Its Own Thing (As it should) a new entry could be amazing.

  2. I really hope to see original trilogy on my PS5 disc collection. I domt believe its hard to revive it in HD format, just like for example Final Fantasy did and a sequel ofcourse.

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