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It seems Nintendo was sitting on Metroid Prime Remastered for over a year

Official logo for Metroid Prime Remastered

The Metroid Prime remaster being unveiled during the Nintendo Direct presentation earlier this week was one of the highlights of the eventful show. It wasn’t an unexpected surprise as various insiders had been teasing the project for quite some time, but it was great to see it was indeed an actual project and not just baseless speculation. Twitter user Pierre485 has tweeted that Metroid Prime Remastered was actually classified by German Rating Organisation, the USK, back in July 2021, which means that Nintendo has been quietly sitting on the game for around 18 months. We learned last month that Fire Emblem Engage was in a similar situation as that particular game was also finished in 2021, according to the Australian Classification Board and the USK in Germany. Metroid Prime Remastered is available now on the Nintendo eShop and will be receiving a retail edition which is scheduled to launch on 22nd February.

15 thoughts on “It seems Nintendo was sitting on Metroid Prime Remastered for over a year”

  1. Fire emblem engage finished in 2021 yet that game required a patch on release, I can’t be the only one that see there is something wrong with this picture?!
    During that entire year you mean to tell me they couldn’t use that time to patch the game, they claim was ready to be sold, and were just sitting on it this entire time when they could have patched it pre release that way a day one patch wasn’t needed?!
    This precisely why I have issues with these companies claiming their games are worth $70+ because clearly if they can’t release their games fully patched then we shouldn’t have to pay more for unfished products!

    1. My guess is something like the game was finished in 2021 but testing wasn’t done until closer to the actual release, leading to changes that were patched day one. I have no idea though, I don’t know what’s included in that Day One patch (if it’s just bug fixes or additional features).

      Day One patches are simply seen as acceptable in the industry. Clearly they will pose a problem when it comes to trying to play physical versions of games years down the line when the updates are no longer downloadable but game publishers simply don’t care about that (or that some people have slower internet and don’t want to have to wait potentially hours to play their game).

    2. Who says it’s a patch issue?
      Could be anything from testing to marketing to production issues (it is kind of odd that the game is releasing separately physically and digitally) to the fact that the Switch doesn’t have too many killer apps this year besides Zelda. Bolstering this year’s game line up would also make sense given they’ve not long admitted that hardware sales are going to be a challenge this year. Would make sense they’d be trying to save some heavy hitters for the year the Xbox Series and PS5 could seriously come into their own as competition.

  2. I was actually thinking it was a year late this morning, before I read this article. And I think it was because of Legends Arceus 😊

  3. This is my first Metroid Prime game (have played Super Metroid and Dread before). Loving the game so far. My only dissapointment is the soundtrack, which is dull compared to the older iconic ones :-(

    1. The music gets better in some other areas of the game, but most people seem to love it. Since you enjoyed Super Metroid, then I would recommend Metroid Zero mission on the Gameboy Advance, and most people would recommend Metroid Fusion on the Gameboy Advance, although personally I did not enjoy Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero mission is great though! 😁

      1. This was known for a while now they probably have the other two ready to go as well, should have been the trilogy release imo but why release that when you can milk all three separately as the nintendo usual.

        Cool for the new gamers to enjoy but I’m not spending $120 on 3 separate releases if they plan them to be $40 each.

        1. Sounding pretty entitled to me when this game is pretty much a remake (despite companies switching the remaster/remake terminologies around like its nothing), so would justify the $40. This could’ve EASILY been $60 like Twilight Princess HD, which tht one is a simple remaster; upgraded textures, 1080p and very small changes to gameplay.

  4. I think I would pay money to see them reveal that Pikmin 4 has been finished for over a year and see what kind of comments there would be.

  5. It’s Metroid, so I don’t mind paying 40 for each entry. Besides, the models got a major upgrade. This isn’t Super Mario 3D All-Stars where it simply got an HD resolution. If SM3DAS got this treatment, it would not have released for the price it had. Think Xenoblade Chronicles HD Remaster & that’s what this Metroid Prime remaster is. Well worth 40 bucks to me.

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