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Japan: Latest Famitsu review scores

Screenshot form Hogwarts Legacy by Warner Bros

The latest edition of Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu is now with subscribers and Issue 1787 contains three reviews. The highest scoring game this week from the team at Famitsu is the well-received, Hogwarts Legacy, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The action-packed game received a total score of 37/40. The Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy is arriving in July. Here’s all the review scores from Weekly Famitsu Issue 1787:

  • Hogwarts Legacy (PS5, Xbox Series) – 9/10/9/9 [37/40]
  • Ib (Switch) – 7/8/8/7 [30/40]
  • ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni (PS5, PS4, Switch) – 7/8/7/8 [30/40]

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1 thought on “Japan: Latest Famitsu review scores”

  1. Not surprised Hogwarts Legacy is getting good scores and reviews. Since it launched February 10th it’s sold 12 million unit’s and earned the WB $850 million. Hogwarts Legacy has amazing open world free rome sandbox game play mechanics on the same scale as Skyrim. Exploring the map can literally take hours, numerous spells, puzzles and Merlin trials that can add hours to the amout of time completing everything 100%

    The room of recreation adds the full customizable experience, from harvesting crops to breading mythical beast. My only complaint is certain mythical beast are more rare and have low spawn rates or RNG like the unicorn, yet all mythical beast despite how rare or common all fetch the same price when sold $120

    You can’t sell anything from your inventory like loot drops you might need i.e potions or consumable items. You can only sell clothing items you don’t currently need. Inventory space is limited, until you complete a certain number of Merlin trials doing so increases your overall available inventory slots.

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